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Remote Infuse/Withdraw PHD 22/2000 Hpsi Syringe Pumps

The Harvard PHD 22/2000 Hpsi pump is a specialized pump that provides high pressure and high volume flow. It was designed to hold the Harvard Stainless Steel syringes. I provides up to 433 pounds of pumping force. A single 200 milliliter stainless steel syringe can provide a flow rate up to 112 milliliters/minute! Gang the output of 4 syringes and that value quadruples. The pump is a remote model where the control box is separated from the pumping mechanism by a 152 cm (60 inch) cable. A longer cable is also available should your application require it.
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702023 PHD 22/2000 Hpsi Remote Syringe Pump Programmable 4-Syringe Rack

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• High capacity — up to 800 ml with four 200 ml syringes
• Ultra high pressure — provides over 400 lbs of pumping force
• ±0.5% precision
• ±0.1% reproducibility
• Programmable — advanced capabilities with programming from the keypad
• Built to last — rugged construction for a lifetime of service
• Accepts only Harvard’s stainless steel syringes
• 2 year warranty

High Capacity

This NEW PHD 22/2000 Hpsi Syringe Pump provides the highest capacity output of all of Harvard Apparatus’ microprocessor syringe pumps. This pump can hold up to four syringes from 20 to 200 ml. By combining the output from four 200 ml syringes, this pump is able to infuse up to 800 ml of fluid without refilling.

Ultra High Pressure
This NEW PHD 22/2000 Hpsi Syringe Pump over 400 pounds of force against the syringe plungers, higher than any other pump we manufacture. For applications with viscous fluids or requiring high pressure, this is the pump to handle the job.

This Programmable PHD 22/2000 Hpsi syringe pump provides advanced capabilities directly from the keypad. No external computer is required. The pump can store up to four programs of 10 sequences each. Programs are stored in non-volatile memory. No other pump can provide this level of control and flexibility with the accuracy of the PHD 22/2000 syringe pump series. Like all of Harvard Apparatus’ other pumps, this new high capacity pump is easy to use.

This pump uses high quality, industrial grade components that will deliver years of smooth operation.

To Accommodate Almost Every Workbench
This pump is provided with a standard 5 foot cable that connects the control box to the pumping mechanism box. If additional distance is required between the controller and pump, a 30 foot remote extension cable is offered as an accessory.

Stainless Steel Syringes
Only Harvard Apparatus’ stainless steel syringes can be used with this pump. They can withstand high pressure applications and provide years of service.

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TypeMicroprocessor 4-syringe Remote, infuse/withdraw with programmability from keypad
Pump ConfigurationRemote
Pump FunctionInfuse/Withdraw, programmable
Flow Rate Minimum1.5 µl/hr
Flow Rate Maximum112 ml/min
# of Syringes4
Syringe Rack TypeStandard Rack
Syringe Size Minimum20 ml stainless steel
Syringe Size Maximum200 ml stainless steel
Average Linear Force433 lbs
Communications Level3
CommunicationsRS-232, TTL, programmable
Reproducibility0.05 %
Non Volatile MemoryStorage of all settings
RS-232RJ11-4 Connector
TTL9-pin connector D-sub.
Motor1/2 to 1/32 microstepping, microprocessor controlled, 1.8° step angle motor geared 1:10
Motor Stepper 1 Revolution of Lead Screw8,000 at 1/2 stepping to 128,000 at 1/32 stepping
Step Rate Minimum27.3 sec/step
Step Rate Maximum416.7 µsec/step
Pusher Travel Rate Minimum0.09 µm/min
Pusher Travel Rate Maximum71.21 mm/min
DisplayFluorescent, 2-line, 40 character
Input Power0.5 A, 65 W
Voltage RangeSelectable, 95 to 130 VAC, 60 Hz or 220 to 260 VAC, 50 Hz
Height Metric9.5 Control Box; 22.9 Syringe Holder cm
Height English3.75 Control Box; 9 Syringe Holder in
Width Metric27.9 Control Box; 43.2 Syringe Holder cm
Width English11 Control Box; 16 Syringe Holder in
Depth Metric22.9 Control Box; 30.5 Syringe Holder cm
Depth English9 Control Box; 12 Syringe Holder in
Cable Length Metric152 cm
Cable Length English60 in

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100% Login to view PP06 Molecular Clocks.pdf
[108 KB]
PHD 22/2000 Syringe Pump used in finding Molecular Clocks
93% Login to view PP96 Intrarenal Dopamine Production and Distribution in the Rat.pdf
[399 KB]
Calibrated Syringe Pump use in finding Anticonvulsant Properties of Ganazolone
83% Login to view PP45 Precision Alignment Packaging for Microsystems with Multiple Fluid Connections.pdf
[301 KB]
Union of capillary high-performance liquid chromatography
83% Login to view PP103 Polynuclear Complexes of Copper I and the 2-3-5-Pyrazolyl-6-methylpyridine Ligand.pdf
[253 KB]
Defining Extracellular Integrin Chain Sites That Affect Cell Adhesion and Adhesion Strengthening without Altering Soluble Ligand Binding
83% Login to view PP116 Analysis of Biomolecular Interactions Using a Miniaturized Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor.pdf
[93 KB]
PHD 2000 Programmable Syringe Pump used in Analysis of Biomolecular Interactions Using a Miniaturized Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor
71% Login to view PP117 phd 22 2000.pdf
[1.4 MB]
PHD 22_2000_forpdf.qxd
50% Login to view PP48 Episodic Coronary Artery Vasospasm and Hypertension Develop in the Absence of Sur2 Katp Channels.pdf
[673 KB]
Episodic coronary artery vasospasm and hypertension develop in the absence of Sur2 Katp channels
50% Login to view PP41 y2-Melanocyte-Stimulating Hormone Suppression of Systemic Inflammatory Responses to Endotoxin.pdf
[495 KB]
Melanocyte-stimulating hormone suppression of systemic inflammatory responses
45% Login to view PP30 Post-Training Excitotoxic Lesions of Dorsal Hippocampus Attenuate Forward Trace.pdf
[261 KB]
Hippocampus and Trace Fear Conditioning
45% Login to view PP39 Nucleus Accumbens Dopamine Depletions Make Animals Highly Sensitive to High Fixed Ratio Requirements.pdf
[120 KB]
Accumbens dopamine and work requirements

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100% Login to view 703005 PHD ULTRA Manual.pdf
[2.4 MB]
PHD Ultra Syringe Pumps Manual - Standard/Remote/Programmable
100% Login to view 703005 PHD ULTRA Quickstart.pdf
[173 KB]
PHD Ultra Syringe Pumps Quickstart Guide - Standard/Remote/Programmable
64% Login to view Micro Nanofluidics brochure.pdf
[2.7 MB]
Guide to Microfluidic and Nanofluidic Solutions

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