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Student Isolated Heart Perfusion Apparatus
The `Langendorff' preparation offers extreme flexibility for handling the
perfusing fluids:
The perfusing fluid reservoir serves as a Mariotte
flask that maintains a constant perfusion pressure
as the reservoir empties
The perfusion pressure can be varied easily and rap-
idly by varying the height of the reservoir above the
perfused heart. The height of the reservoir can be
varied through 62.5 cm (24 in)
To rapidly change perfusing fluids a second reser-
voir (offered as an accessory) can be added to the
second frame upright and a `Y' connector can con-
nect it to the glass warming coil
Order # Product
System Components
50-0496 Constant Head 1 L
50-0488 Reservoir Holder
50-0587 Aeration Reservoir
50-0595 Aeration Stone
with Tubing
50-0537 Bath Assembly
50-2898 Tubing 1 m (3-1/4 ft)
50-0554 Warming Coil
50-2369 Rubber Bung
50-2914 Screwclips, 2
50-0562 Red Rubber Bung
50-0563 Cannula
50-6287 Thermometer
50-0588 Manometer
50-7624 Plug
50-0596 Tying Rod
53-2262 Pulleys, qty. of 2
53-2512 Rod, 150 mm (6 in)
Order # Product
System Components
53-2522 Rod, 250 mm (10 in)
53-2530 Rod, 500 mm (20 in)
53-2550 Rods, 750 mm
(29 in), qty. of 3
53-2336 Extra Weight
Laboratory Stand
Base, qty. of 2
53-2102 Small Clamp with
Extension Stem
53-2012 Closed Connectors,
qty. of 5
53-2032 `T' Connectors,
qty. of 3
53-2062 Large 360 Rotation
53-2244 Male-Female
Hinged Adapter
50-0686 Ink Pen with Lever
50-7681 Replacement
Ink Pen
50-0678 Brodie Lever
For the perfusion of
the excised
mammalian heart
Large capacity
warming bath with
controlled to 0.5C
apparatus uses
minimal bench space
This System
includes the
The 1 liter reservoir supplies a constant head of perfusate. The perfusate flow
rate is controlled by one of two methods. If the Reservoir cap is off, the flow
rate is controlled directly by a pinch clamp on the outlet tubing. If the reservoir
cap is tightly sealed, a Mariotte flask is created and the flow rate is set by the
perfusion pressure. The height of the reservoir determines this pressure which
in turn sets the rate of air allowed to enter the reservoir. As air enters, the
perfusate flows out. This reservoir is placed in the three-prong, spring clip
reservoir holder that has a 20 cm (8 in) long tube that slips on the top of a rod
and locks in place by a knurled set screw. Using this set screw the height of the
Reservoir can be varied from 15 cm (6 in) above the top of the rod down to the
top of the rod. If it is necessary to lower the reservoir even more, the holder has
a clamp mounted on one side that can locate the holder at any point on the rod.
The total vertical movement of the reservoir is 62.5 cm (24 in) above the top of
the fluid warming coil. The aeration reservoir is mounted to the side of the
reservoir holder. The perfusing fluid is led from the main reservoir to the
aeration reservoir by tubing provided. The aeration stone is mounted on the end
of 2 m (6.6 ft) tubing. This aeration stone fits inside the aeration reservoir and
provides a high level of oxygenation to the perfusant.
The transparent, heavy plastic water bath which warms the perfusant measures,
H x W x D, 15.5 x 16.5 x 14 cm (6-1/4 x 6-1/2 x 5-1/2 in) and has a capacity of 3.6
liters. The bath is heated by two simple sturdy cartridge elements that are
mounted through the front of the tank near the bottom and extend 5 cm (2 in) into
it. These heating elements have a combined rating of 80 watts. The temperature
of the water is controlled by a front panel dial graduated from 15 to 45C by 5C
graduations. A metal tube mounted inside the bath carries a sensitive thermistor
sensing bead. Once stabilized, this system maintains the water temperature
within 0.5C of the desired temperature. The front panel of the water bath has
Order # Product
50-2864 Student Isolated Heart Perfusion Apparatus,
115 VAC, 60 Hz
50-2872 Student Isolated Heart Perfusion Apparatus,
230 VAC, 50 Hz
50-2880 Second Reservoir Set Includes Reservoir Holder,
1 L Reservoir, glass Aeration Reservoir and Aeration
Stone. Set comes complete with tubing and connectors
for mounting on second rod of Perfusion Apparatus
two indicator lights. One illuminates when the bath is plugged into the AC line.
The second illuminates whenever the heating circuit is energized. A screw-in
fuse holder is also mounted on the front panel for easy access. A drain hole with
tubing, a plug and a tapered plastic cone are located in the bottom of the water
tank. The soft rubber bung that carries the stem of the warming coil fits into the
cone making a leakproof joint. The glass warming coil for the perfusing fluid is 5
cm (2 in) diameter by 9 cm (3-1/2 in) long. It has a capacity of approximately 35
ml. The stem of the warming coil connects to the heart cannula with tubing and
a pinch clamp controls the flow of the warmed perfusate. A clamp and grooved
rod are supplied for securing the bottom of the excised mammalian heart.
The heart cannula has openings to accommodate both a manometer and
thermometer. The manometer has a fixed clamp for mounting directly to a
crossbar and is connected to the cannula by tubing. The scale reads 0 to
250 mmHg and is free to move up and down behind the tubing to facilitate
zero adjustment. The glass thermometer is straight, 10 cm (4 in) long and
graduated from 0 to 50C by 0.1C increments. It is mounted in a rubber
bung and fits into the side arm of the heart cannula. All of the clamps,
stands and rods supplied with this apparatus are from our Stronghold
Two light pulleys are supplied and carry a thread from the heart to a
transducer (not supplied) or writing point.