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cell isolation
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PSCI Perfusion System for Cell Isolation
The PSCI is specially designed for harvesting individual cells from isolated
organs like mouse, rat or guinea-pig hearts, liver and other organs. Individual
cells are released from the cell structure of the tissue through perfusion with
enzyme solution and are then flushed out.
The apparatus has two separate perfusion circuits. The organ can be switched
between the two circuits by means of a specifically designed changeover
stopcock. One circuit is filled with conventional perfusion solution and is used in
the initial phase to flush out all blood cells from the organ. During the second
phase the apparatus is switched to the second circuit which operates with
enzyme solution and where disintegration takes place.
In case of using a heart, atmospheric bacteria are kept away from the heart
through suitable construction of the apparatus and by creating a small positive
pressure in the heart chamber. Throughout the entire perfusion process, the
heart is contained within a system closed to the outside atmosphere. It is only
opened after the termination of perfusion in order to remove the heart.
Perfusion takes place under constant-flow conditions. The suitable constant
flow is adjusted on the peristaltic pump. The limits of the apparatus are a flow
rate of about 50 or 100 ml/min depending on the configuration.
Perfusion pressure measurement can easily be added. By using our SCP
controller constant pressure perfusion is possible.
The apparatus is so designed that the individual steps required for preparing the
cells can proceed as simply and clearly as possible. The components wetted by
the perfusion solutions are made from materials resistant to alcohol so that the
apparatus can be filled with alcohol
for sterilisation.
The dual heat exchanger is mounted on a vertical panel which in turn is
secured to a rigid main vertical stainless steel column. A platform for the
roller pump is also secured to the vertical column. The remaining
components are not fixed to the basic setup but are positioned on the
baseplate and are suitably connected by tubing. All components secured
to the vertical steel column can be moved to suitable operating positions
after releasing clamping screws. The protease reservoir and the holder for
For cell isolation from mouse, rat and guinea pig
organs by enzymatic disintegration
Specifically engineered dual perfusion system for
blood cell flushand enzymatic disintegration
Dedicated extension for cardiomyocite isolation
PSCI with operating table
for in-situ perfusion
the perfusion pressure transducer are also part of the main system.
The main system is universal and must be adapted to the organ used by
adding options.
The following options are available:
The dual heat exchanger:
Stainless steel tube ID = 1.5 mm,Volume approx.
1ml for the PSCI-M
Stainless steel tube ID = 2 mm ,Volume approx. 1.5
ml for the PSCI-R
The heat exchanger steel tubing can be interchanged.
Adaptation for Heart perfusion (not shown)
In case of using the heart version, a jacketed heart chamber is mounted on a
slide which is clamped to the vertical column. A slow gas flow into this chamber
does ensure a positive pressure inside the heart chamber at all times, thus
preventing ingress of bacteria from the surroundings during operation.
Adaptation for in-situ perfusion (shown above)
By adding an operating table and relevant cannulae depending on the organ.
Adaptation for in-vitro perfusion
By adding a jacketed moist chamber and the relevant cannulae depending
on the organ.
Additional equipment required: thermocirculator, peristaltic pumps,
reservoir, magnetic stirrer, cannulae, operating table and others depending
on version selected, eventualy transducers, monitoring system setup using
the PLUGSYS Amplifier System.
Heat Exchanger Inside Diameter 1.5 mm (0.06 in) for M Version
2.0 mm (0.08 in) for R Version
Maximum Flowrate 50 ml/min for the M Version
100 ml/min for the R Version
Prime Volume < 3ml for the M Version
< 5ml for the R Version
Dimensions, W x D x H 600 x 400 x 570 mm
(23.6 x 15.8 x 22.5 in)
Weight 8 kg (17.6 lbs)
Order # Product
73-3659 PSCI-M Perfusion System for Cell Isolation from
Mice Organs
73-3639 PSCI-R Perfusion System for Cell Isolation from
Rat Organs
73-3638 PSCI-MH Perfusion System for Cell Isolation from
Mice Hearts
73-3672 PSCI-RH Perfusion System for Cell Isolation from
Rat or Guinea Pig Hearts
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