Elevated Plus Maze (Coulbourn)

Elevated Plus Maze (Coulbourn)

Elevated Plus-Maze for assessing anxiety levels in rodents and for screen potential anxiolytic drugs.

  • Simplicity, afford ability and ruggedness
  • Easy to assemble
  • Provided in black color
  • Easy to assemble
  • Optional Raised Edge

Item# Description
H10-35-EPM Elevated Plus Maze for Rodents
H10-35-EPM-EWR Elevated Plus Maze for Rodents with Removable End Wall
H10-35-EPM-X Accessory - Raised Edge for Open Arms
H10-35-EPM-ARM Accessory - Pair of Interchangeable Open Arms with Raised Edges
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The Elevated Plus-Maze apparatus is frequently used to measure anxiety levels in rodents and to screen potential anxiolytic drugs. An optional raised edge or margin on the open arms is available.

The maze is provided in black colour and is easy to assemble. The H10-35-EPM-EWR elevated plus maze model is identical to the H10-35-EPM elevated plus maze except that it includes removable end walls.

An optional Raised Edge (H10-35-EPM-X) for the open arms is also available.

The H10-35-EPM-ARM a pair of open arm runways with raised edges that can be used with the Elevated Plus Mazes (H10-35-EPM or H10-35-EPM-EWR).

The dimensions for the Elevated Plus-Maze are:
  • Arm width: 10 cm
  • Arm length: 50 cm
  • Wall height: 30 cm
  • Runway height from floor: 55 cm
/H13-35-EPM_Eleveated_Plus_Maze.pdfH10-35-EPM, Elevated Plus-Maze