The Ultimate Choice for Ex Vivo Cardiovascular Research in Small Rodent Models

The IH-SR Isolated Perfused Heart Systems for small rodents are a modular set of core products, options and upgrades that allow you to build Langerdorff Only or Working Heart (Ejecting Heart) working units for cardiovascular studies on mouse, rat and guinea pig hearts.

To ensure that your system is properly configured to be a functional unit that meets your application needs, please contact Technical Services before placing an order. In Europe, please call +49 7665-92000 or email For other regions, call 800-547-6766 or email

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Isolated Perfused Heart System for Small Rodents (IH-SR)

IH-SR Core System for Isolated Small Rodent Heart The IH-SR Langendorff Core System is the starting point for all isolated perfused --> Learn More
IH-SR Core System Options Additions to the IH-SR Core System for species-specific Langendorff Only or --> Learn More
Working Heart Upgrade for IH-SR Core System Upgrade an IH-SR Langendorff configuration to an IH-SR Working Heart --> Learn More
Measurement of pO2, pH, pCO2 for All Isolated Organ Systems The Universal Perfusion Solution Monitor permits precise continuous or discontinuous --> Learn More
Flow Measurement Options for IH-SR and IH-5 in Langendorff and Working Heart Modes Flow measurement can be accomplished in a functional IH system using two methods: --> Learn More
Left Ventricular Pressure (LVP) Measurement Option for IH-SR and IH-5 Working Heart Easily allows introduction of a tip pressure catheter directly into the left --> Learn More
Pressure-Volume Loop Measurement Option for IH-SR and IH-5 Working Heart Easily allows introduction of a pressure-volume loop catheter directly into the left --> Learn More
Increased Preload Pressure Option for IH-SR Working Heart Choose this option when you need to create left atrial preload pressures that are --> Learn More
Pulmonary Artery Cannulating Options for IH-SR and IH-5 (for Effluate Collection) Cannulating options for effluate collection from an IH-SR or IH-5 functional system --> Learn More
Single-Lead ECG and MAP Measurement for IH-SR and IH-5 Langendorff or Working Heart For single-lead ECG and MAP measurements on functional IH-SR or IH-5 Langendorff or working --> Learn More

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