The Most Popular Mouse Isolated Lung Perfusion System

The IPL-1 is engineered specifically for the fragile mouse heart. The basic system can easily be upgraded to add capability modules for virtually any ex vivo pulmonary assay.

Due to the fragile nature of the mouse lung, its suspension from the tracheal and vascular cannulae is difficult to accomplish without the rapid occurrence of edema. In collaboration with experts in pulmonary physiology, a design was developed which allows for ventilation and perfusion with the lungs remaining in situ at a slight incline in the open thorax.. This novel approach simplifies cannulation of the pulmonary artery and left atrium of the heart and dramatically reduces edema formation.

The isolated mouse lung can be ventilated under positive pressure and under subatmospheric pressure to mimic the in vivo situation as closely as possible. There are bigger differences in vascular flows seen between positive and negative ventilation. Depending on the study, a ventilated lung or a physiologic breathing lung can be simulated.

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Isolated Perfused Lung Systems for Mouse (IPL-1)

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