Metal Electrodes

Stainless Steel Metal Micro Electrodes The stainless steel (Elgiloy) electrodes are widely used as the primary component for the --> Learn More
Tungsten Metal Micro Electrodes These tungsten metal micro electrodes are ideal for a multitude of applications including --> Learn More
Iridium (Pure) Metal Micro Electrodes The pure iridium Electrodes are ideal for improved stimulation and recording. Pure Iridium is --> Learn More
Platinum/Iridium Metal Micro Electrodes The platinum/iridium mix electrodes have a lower concomitant impedance value than tungsten or --> Learn More
Stainless Steel Metal Macro Electrodes These stainless steel metal macro electrodes are similar in construction to our metal micro --> Learn More
Tungsten Metal Macro Electrodes • Excellent for stimulation, lesions, and recording evoked responses • Parylene-C --> Learn More

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