Transducers for PowerLab

Disposable Blood Pressure Transducer for PowerLab The MLT0670 is a low-cost, light-weight, disposable blood pressure transducer that gives --> Learn More
Plethysmographs for PowerLab The IR Plethysmographs use an infrared photoelectric sensor to detect changes in tissue blood --> Learn More
Reusable Blood Pressure Transducers for PowerLab The Reusable BP Transducer is a low-cost, light-weight unit that uses an extravascular sensor --> Learn More
Wide Range Force Transducers for PowerLab The Wide Range Force Transducer is a wide-range (0.01 to 1000 g wt), semiisometric, strain-gauge --> Learn More
Transducers for Oxipod Animal Use Only The MLT323 Animal Clip and MLT324 Tail Wrap Pulse Oximetry Transducers are used to measure blood --> Learn More
Physiological Pressure Transducer for PowerLab The MLT844 Physiological Pressure Transducer is a highly accurate and robust piezo-resistive --> Learn More
Force Transducer for PowerLab The MLT0201 Force Transducer is used for measuring forces under isometric conditions in the --> Learn More
High Grade Isotonic Transducer for PowerLab The MLT0015 High Grade Isotonic Transducer measures isotonic contractions, that is the --> Learn More

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