Plantar Test (Hargreaves' Method) Analgesia Meters

Plantar Test (Hargreaves' Method) Analgesia Meters

The Plantar Test (Hargreaves’ Method) enables the researcher to discern a peripherally mediated response to thermal stimulation caused by drugs in rodents.

  • Automatic detection of paw withdrawal (no visual score needed!)
  • Validity unaffected by repeated testing
  • I.R. intensity adjustable in the interval 01-99 (in one digit steps)
  • Modular animal enclosure, from 3 to 12 spaces, conveniently designed to restrain mice or rats
  • Software included
  • Data portability via the included memory key
  • Each animal can serve as its own control

Item# Description
72-6692 Plantar Test, complete
72-6703 Heat-Flux Infrared Radiometer, Standard Package
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The Plantar Test (Hargreaves’ Method) enables the researcher to discern a peripherally mediated response to thermal stimulation caused by drugs in rodents.


The Instrument basically consists of:
  • a Movable I.R. (infra-red) Source
  • a Controller
  • a framed Glass Pane (86x35cm) supported by columns on a base latform onto which the movable source glides
  • a modular enclosure of new design, in which the 3 spaces can be further divided into 2 or 4 by removable partitions, obtaining up to 12 spaces
After the acclimation period, the I.R. source placed under the glass floor (see the picture) is positioned by the operator directly beneath the hind paw. A trial is started by depressing a key on the I.R. source.

When the animal feels pain and withdraws its paw, the I.R. source switches off and the reaction time counter stops. The withdrawal latency to the nearest 0.1s is automatically determined and recorded.

Data Acquisition

The Plantar test has a microprocessor controlled unit. The experimental data, stored in its internal memory can be directly exported to the PC USB or serial ports.

Communication is managed by the dedicated CUB Data Acquisition Windows®-based Software Package, included as standard, which enables the user to route the experimental data to the PC and store them into individual files, to be managed by most statistical analysis packages available on the market.

The Plantar test is provided with a memory key, to record all the experimental data of one or more sessions and to program the experiment parameters from a remote PC.

Calibration Radiometer

Each Plantar Test Unit is accurately calibrated via an Heat-Flux I.R. Radiometer.

The end user should consider this extremely useful optional accessory, which enables the experimenter to:
  • Make sure that two or more units deliver thermal nociceptive stimuli (expressed in mW per square cm) of exactly the same intensity.
  • Measure the I.R. energy (1mW for the duration of 1s corresponds to 1mJ) in absolute terms
CalibrationVia appropriate I.R. Radiometer
Connection to PCThrough DELTA 15-pin connector
Dimensions, H x W x D English33.5 x 15.7 x 13.8 in
Dimensions, H x W x D Metric85 x 40 x 35 cm
Infared BulbHalogen “Bellaphot”, Mod. 64607 OSRAM, 8 V - 50 W
Infrared IntensityAdjustable in the interval 10 to 99 (in one digit steps)
Operating Temperature Metric15
Power Requirement230-115 V, 60-50 Hz, 60 VA maximum
Reaction TimeThree-digit LED display, 0.1 second steps
Shipping Weigh English60.6 lb approx.
Shipping Weigh Metric27.50 kg approx.
StartingVia keys on the I.R. Vessel. Additional key on the controller panel
Weight English28.7 lb
Weight Metric13.00 kg