PLUGSYS Bus Link Module

Bus Link Module

Used to link two PLUGSYS main frame cases together to increase module capacity, needed if the maximum number of modules or the maximum power of one case is exceeded

Item# Description
73-0163 Bus Link Module (BLM)
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The Bus Link Module (BLM) is used to increase the number of slot units available by linking two PLUGSYS mainframe together. This is necessary if the maximum number of modules or the maximum power consumption of one case is exceeded. The resulting combination of two cases works as one unit. The BLM does not increase the maximum number of 16 analog (AV) or digital (DV) connection lines of the PLUGSYS bus system. The BLM itself does not need any slot space; it is installed on the rear of each PLUGSYS case.

A complete BLM connection kit consists of the following:

  • 2 BLM Type 680
  • 1 Connection Cable
  • 1 Mounting Kit
  • 1 Operating Instructions
Dimensions (H x W)Rear panel installation Space: 128.7 x 40.5 mm
PLUGSYS Width*2 slot units
Weight (Metric)800 g (set of 2 BLM and 1 connecting cable)