PLUGSYS Case Type 601

PLUGSYS Case Type 601

Case Type 601 has 10 slot units for PLUGSYS modules. Most modules occupy two slots.

Note: 601 Case is shown here with four of the Transducer Amplifier Modules TAM-A (73-0065) and one ECG Amplifier module ECGA (73-0149).

Item# Description
73-1521 PLUGSYS Case, Type 601
73-3103 Option for +24V (1.6A) Power Supply for PLUGSYS Case Type 601
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The basic system cases with internal system bus are supplied completely wired and ready for use. The Type 601 cases provides a total space of 10 positions (slot units) to accept PLUGSYS modules. An additional 24 V power supply (73-3103) is also available, necessary only for some modules.

The width of the actual PLUGSYS modules equals either one or a multiple of slot units. For instance, the width of the Transducer Amplifier Module TAM-A is equal to two slot units, therefore it would occupy 2 slot spaces in the PLUGSYS case. The maximum number of PLUGSYS modules — such as a Transdcuer Amplifier Module, ECG Amplifier Module, Transit Time Flowmeter Module etc.— which can be plugged into a unit system case depends on the number of slot units required by each module.

AccessoriesLine Cable, Screw driver for fitting Function Modules, Document Folder for Operating Instructions of Function Modules, 3 x BNC-BNC Output lines 
Dimensions (H x W x D) English5.9 x 9.25 x 16.5 in 
Dimensions (H x W x D) Metric150 x 235 x 420 mm 
Housing ConstructionMetallic housing, gray plastic coated with pivoting feet 
Module Positions10 slot units max. 
Power Supply85 to 264 VAC (40 Watts), output voltage +5 VDC (5 A) and  
Socket Combination3-pin IEC mains with fuse and mains switch on back of housing 
Weight (English)10.6 lbs without PLUGSYS modules 
Weight (Metric)4.8 kg without PLUGSYS modules