PLUGSYS Oxygen Partial Pressure Module (OPPM)

PLUGSYS Oxygen Partial Pressure Module (OPPM)

Used to measure oxygen concentrations with CLARK-style electrodes in biological fluids of isolated perfused organs

Item# Description
73-0210 Oxygen Partial Pressure Module (OPPM)
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The Oxygen Partial Pressure Module (OPPM) is a polarographic amplifier for the PLUGSYS system. It is used to continuously measure oxygen concentrations with CLARK-style electrodes.

The main application is recording of pO2 concentrations in biological fluids, e.g. perfusate or effluate of isolated perfused organs, using the corresponding electrodes e.g. Mini Oxygen Electrode.

The digital display indicates either electrode polarization voltage, O2 concentration as percent or mmHg or the electrode current. The input circuit of the module includes an isolation amplifier (potential separation between sensing electrode and circuit ground of the PLUGSYS measuring system) to avoid measurement problems due to ground loops.

Item # 73-0210
Accuracy of Amplifier ±1% (total accuracy depending on electrode)
Analog Output For simultaneous recording, using BNC connector on front panel
Connector DIN 41612, 96-pin VG
Digital Display 3-1/2 digit LED display displays O2 concentration in ranges 0 to 199.9% or 0 to 1999 mmHg; electrode current in range of 0 to 1.999 (ampere multiplied with gain factor) or polarization voltage in range from -1.000 V to +1.000 V can also be displayed
Gain Adjustment Input current ranges for electrode currents: 10-6A, 10-7A, 10-8A, 10-9A, 10-10A full scale
Gain Fine For fine adjustment of gain
Input Floating single-ended input, max. isolated barrier internally clamped to 300 V
Input Connector Isolated BNC
Linearity of Amplifier ±0.5%
PLUGSYS Width 2 slot units
Polarization Voltage Adjustable with trimmer between -1 and +1 V
Power Supply + 5 V/450 mA
Simulation Two physiological pO2 values can be simulated for calibrating recording output; this gives advantage of easy calibration procedure for connected chart recorder or data acquisition system
Zero Adjustment Coarse zero current ranges: 10-8A, 10-9A, 10-10A, 10-11A, 10-12A
Zero Fine Fine adjustment for zero current
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