Our complete anesthesia systems. suitable for small rodents, are based on what our customers are using in their laboratories. These preconfigured packages ensure you have all the parts, regulators, tubing and connectors you need to get started right away. If you do not see a combination that is suitable for your needs, a unique system can be created for you. Please contact us at support@hbiosci.com.

Complete Anesthesia Systems

Tabletop International Single Animal Anesthesia Systems These tabletop anesthesia systems are our most popular configurations and include all the --> Learn More
Tabletop International Anesthesia Systems with MiniVac Active Scavenging The MiniVac Complete Anesthesia Systems include the MiniVac Gas Evacuation Unit and all of --> Learn More
Mobile International Anesthesia Systems Our complete mobile anesthesia system is great for any lab that needs the flexibility to move --> Learn More

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