Tubing, Connectors and Accessories

One-Way Respiratory Valves These One-Way Respiratory Valves, sometimes referred to as check valves, are for --> Learn More
Two-Way Non-Rebreathing Respiratory Valves These valves are available in either a T- or Y-shaped configuration and allow the --> Learn More
Respiratory Adapters These polypropylene adapters are used to connect common size respiratory tubing. Learn More
Halovet Tube Mounts These convenient tube mounts are used with Fluosorber canisters. They can also be used for 22 mm --> Learn More
Replacement Anesthesia Gas Tubing and Quick Connect Elbow Replacement Anesthesia Gas Tubing, 1 meter, and Quick Connect Elbow Learn More
HSE Anesthesia Mask Adapters These adapters fit the Fluosober and F/air canisters and are available with different --> Learn More
Bain Tube Evacuation Fitting Adapter between Bain Circuit and 22 mm Evacuation tubing Learn More
Anesthesia Machine Barbed Connectors Connect anesthetizing box to manifold or manifold to rodent circuit set Learn More
Y connectors Constructed of white polypropylene. It measures 6.7 mm ID x 9 mm OD. Learn More
Pneumatic Fittings Spares and/or upgrades can be made to existing anesthesia systems by use of pneumatic quick --> Learn More

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