Mini Cord/Cordless Small Animal Trimmer This professional quality trimmer is super convenient and suitable for all your small animal --> Learn More
Contura Cordless Clipper This clipper design has been developed ergonomically for ease of handling when clipping. --> Learn More
Stylique® Cordless Trimmer The Stylique® Cordless Trimmer is ideal for use on small laboratory animals. --> Learn More
Oster® Golden A5® Single Speed Small Animal Clipper This is the finest heavy-duty clipper available. Its powerful universal motor runs at high --> Learn More
Oster Small Animal Clipper Blades Cryogen-X™ Blades are manufactured from fine grain, high carbon steel. The cutting teeth are --> Learn More
Two-Speed Small Animal Clipper This Two-Speed Small Animal Clipper is great for both light and heavy-duty jobs on all types --> Learn More
BravMini Cordless Clipper This clipper is ideal for removing fine hair from laboratory animals without causing damage --> Learn More

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