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CPK Atomic Models, H-Bond Spacer Accessory For use with the Hydrogen H-Bond, Hook Type (67-6726). One or more of these spacers can be --> Learn More
CPK® Atomic Models, Screw for Amine Cap Accessory Used to connect the 67-7112 Amine Cap to the 67-6726 Hydrogen H-Bond, Hook Type when the hook is --> Learn More
CPK Atomic Models, Metal Atom Connector Link Accessory For use with 67-6999 Metal Atom, All Purpose. Supplied with self-tapping screw. Learn More
CPK Atomic Models, Socket Accessory Standard female socket is mounted on special atom species fabricated by the user. This socket --> Learn More
CPK Atomic Models, Hydrogen Wrench Accessory The hydrogen wrench is for use with the 67-6726 Hydrogen H-Bond Atom, Hook Type. When the hook --> Learn More
CPK Atomic Models, Construction Tool Accessory Tool used to assemble CPK Atomic Models and to separate the atoms securely, quickly and --> Learn More
CPK Atomic Models, Angstrom Unit Scale Caliper Accessory An angstrom unit scale caliper calibrated at 1.25 cm/Å (the scale of the CPK models) which --> Learn More
CPK Atomic Models, Pamphlet: Molecules in 3D Accessory 20-page pamphlet subtitled A Guide to the Construction of Models of Biochemically Interesting --> Learn More

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