Standard U-Frame Stereotaxic Instrument for Mouse

Standard U-Frame Stereotaxic Instrument, shown with a single manipulator arm

The Harvard Apparatus U-frame Stereotaxic Instrument for mouse comes complete with the base plate, 3-axis manipulator arm, mouse species adapter, ear bars and holder with corner clamp. 

Item# Description
75-1808 Elevated U-Frame Stereotaxic Instrument, Mouse, Single Manipulator
75-1809 Elevated U-Frame Stereotaxic Instrument, Mouse, Dual Manipulator
75-1810 Elevated U-Frame Stereotaxic Instrument, Mouse, Single Manipulator, Digital
75-1811 Elevated U-Frame Stereotaxic Instrument, Mouse, Dual Manipulator, Digital
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Stereotaxic surgeries on mice can be made simple with the complete Harvard Apparatus Standard U-Frame Stereotaxic Instrument for mouse. This complete system offers everything you have come to expect in a high quality stereotaxic instrument. The dual-lead screw design ensures stable, accurate and smooth manipulations while the laser engraved scales offer ease of reading. The instrument offers 180° vertical rotation and 360° horizontal rotation, with the ability to lock at any angle.

Key Features

  • Standard U-Frame design
  • Adapters for rat, mouse, mouse/neotatal rat and more
  • Resolution of 100 µm for manual versions and 10 µm for digital versions
  • Single or dual manipulator arm available in manual or digital

This complete system comes with:

  • Base plate
  • 3-axis manipulator arm 
  • Species adapter
  • Ear bars
  • Holder with corner clamp

Digital single and dual manipulator arm (with two three-axis manipulator arms) options are available. The digital arm provides the addition of a displacement transducer. Together, these additions allow real-time coordination presentation of all three axes to a resolution of 10 µm. The display has the ability to run on either AC power or battery power, drastically reducing electronic noise and making it suitable for electrophysiology experiments. 

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