InfraRed Thermometer This is a non-contact InfraRed Thermometer with laser pointer which measures up to 600°F. --> Learn More
Precision Thermometer This thermometer has NIST traceability. Features temperature readout in either °F or --> Learn More
Portable Thermocouple Thermometers This accurate digital Thermocouple Thermometer can measure surface temperatures, liquids, and --> Learn More
Portable Digital Thermometer Temperature monitoring is essential, especially in small rodents. This portable, rugged --> Learn More
D16 Digital Thermometer - for Evaluating Body Temperature This multi-channel digital thermometer suitable for the measurement of animal body --> Learn More
Thermocouple Monitoring Thermometers These Thermometers are for use with Thermocouple Probes and Microprobes. The Thermometers --> Learn More
Accessories for Portable and Monitoring Thermocouple Thermometers Probe Selectors, Extension Cable and Tilt Base for use with both the Portable and Monitoring --> Learn More

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