Compresstome Additional & Replacement Parts

Compresstome® Specimen Syringe Tubes & Tube Kits Compresstome® Specimen Syringe Tubes and Tube Kits with 6.5, 12.5 and 15.5 mm diameters. --> Learn More
Compresstome Buffer Trays & Tanks Buffer trays, tanks and plugs have a one-year warranty. Buffer tray plugs prevent solution --> Learn More
Compresstome® Controller Boxes Replacement controller box for Compresstome® slicers with adjustable oscillation and cutting --> Learn More
Compresstome® Vibrating Head Units Replacement vibrating head unit for Compresstome® slicers with adjustable oscillation --> Learn More
Compresstome® Chilling Blocks Compresstome® Chilling Blocks for VF-200/200-OZ/300/300-OZ models or VF-210-OZ/310-OZ models for --> Learn More
Compresstome Power Cords Power cords for Compresstome vibrating microtomes. Learn More
Compresstome® White Pinion for Oscillation Arm White pinion for movement of oscillating arm for Compresstomes. Compatible with VF-200, --> Learn More
Compresstome® Tube Adapter Base Replacement tube adaptor base for the buffer tray and specimen tube for Compresstome® tissue --> Learn More

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