Compresstome Consumables & Accessories

Compresstome® Starter Kit (International) Starter Kit for Compresstome® vibrating microtome, for simple set-up. Everything in --> Learn More
Compresstome® Blades, Blade Holders & Accessories Replacement blade holders for each model microtome. Blade holder screw and Allen wrench --> Learn More
Compresstome® Machine Cover Compresstome vibratome tissue slicer cover. Helps protect tissue slicer and prevents dust. Learn More
Compresstome® Agarose Tablets Agarose tablets, each 0.5 mg, for easy use in specimen preparations for Compresstome® tissue --> Learn More
Compresstome® Machine Oil Machine oil for maintenance of Compresstome vibrating microtomes. Learn More
Glue for Compresstome® Tissues Quick drying glue recommended for tissue specimens for use with Compresstome® tissue slicers. --> Learn More
Fine Tissue Handling Brushes Tissue paintbrushes for easy handling of delicate tissue slices. Soft bristles help prevent --> Learn More
Tissue Coring Tools Multi-purpose sample coring tools, designed with retractable cutting cannula for easy --> Learn More
Tissue Coring Mat Five layer composite cutting mat will let you cut cleanly through an object and into the mat. --> Learn More
Compresstome® Blockface Imaging Camera Systems Compresstome® Blockface Imaging Camera Systems are easy to install on your Compresstome --> Learn More

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