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About Biochrom Ltd. | Harvard Apparatus UK

Harvard Apparatus/Biochrom

The Leader in Specialised Bioresearch and Teaching Products

Harvard Apparatus Limited is a manufacturing company based in the Garden of England. It can trace its roots back to the mid 1890's when C. F. Palmer (a bicycle manufacturer in South East London) was asked to produce a recording device which became known as the kymograph.

From this small start, C F Palmer Limited went on to produce a wide range of Life Science equipment including stimulators, tissue baths, animal ventilators, operating tables etc.).

Scientific and Research Instruments (SRI) was started by a group of ex-employees of C. F. Palmer and produced similar items.

Following various changes of ownership, C F Palmer (or Palmer BioScience as it eventually evolved into) became part of the Harvard Bioscience group of companies (as did SRI some 10 years earlier).

Products manufactured by all of the above are available from us. Being a manufacturer, we are (in most cases) able to modify our product line to suit your needs.

The Complete Harvard Bioscience Family of Companies

Harvard Apparatus USA

Harvard Apparatus was founded in 1901 by Dr. William T. Porter of the Harvard Medical School. Harvard Apparatus developed a name not only for quality but also for innovation. Harvard Apparatus invented the mechanical syringe pump in the 1950s and introduced the first microprocessor controlled syringe pumps in the 1980s. Today Harvard Apparatus continues this tradition with the most advanced, easiest-to-use programmable syringe pumps, the PHD ULTRA series. Harvard Apparatus also developed first volume controlled- and then pressure-controlled ventilators, pulsatile blood pumps, transducers, amplifiers, recorders, glassware and many other specialized bioscience research products.

Harvard Apparatus is now part of the Harvard Bioscience family of companies. Harvard Bioscience (Nasdaq: HBIO) is a global developer, manufacturer and marketer of a broad range of specialized products, primarily scientific instruments.

AHN Biotechnologie GmbH

The Leader in disposable laboratory plastic supply

AHN Biotechnologie GmbH is an innovative German company in disposable laboratory plastic supply. We offer a wide variety of pipet tips, filter tips, ultra low retention tips, ultra low retention filtertips, Digital Micropipettes, PCR-, Micro- and centrifuge tubes, filter microplates, spin column systems and DNA-, RNA purification kits. Our relentless pursuit to raise quality creates products which are always envolving to a higher standard. AHN manufacturing philosophy: Consistent quality with the lowest price for our partners.

BioDrop Ltd

The Leader in Specialised maintenance-free products designed for measuring DNA concentration

BioDrop - a fresh new approach for life scientists making micro-volume measurements of DNA, RNA, proteins and oligos with unmatched accuracy, precision and speed. BioDrop offers flexibility - with different micro-volume measurement platforms including the revolutionary BioDrop CUVETTE and a unique in-built sample port with unrivalled detection limit of 1 ng/7µL - or both in one instrument.

Biodrop specialises in maintenance-free products designed for measuring DNA concentration, Protein concentration and much more. The Nanodrop products that Biodrop have successfully deal with the increasing need for micro-volume quantitation and analysis by being the founder in solving the sample conservation issue making use of fiber optic technology and surface tension properties.

  • BTX Molecular Delivery Systems
  • BTX Molecular Delivery Systems
  • 84 October Hill Road
  • Holliston, Massachusetts 01746
  • United States
  • Phone:(508) 893-8999
  • Toll Free:(800) 272-2775 (USA and Canada)
  • Fax:(508) 429-5732
  • E-mail: techsupport.btx@harvardapparatus.com
  • Internet: www.btxonline.com

Pioneers of Molecular Delivery Products - Electroporation and Electrofusion

BTX is regarded as a pioneer in the field of molecular delivery products that utilize electroporation and electrofusion technology. The newest BTX products include the MOS Multi-Well Optimization System with 96- and 25-well sample plates and the VIP 3000 Monitoring System. These revolutionary new products will change the way you do electroporation and electrofusion. No more single sample cuvettes! Electroporate 96 samples at once and monitor all the parameters using the VIP 3000.

BTX offers a comprehensive line of instruments, specialty electrodes and accessories for both the electroporation and electrofusion of mammalian, bacterial, yeast, fungi, insect and plant cells and tissues. BTX specializes in providing research tools for novel cutting edge applications such as adherent cell electroporation, high-throughput cloning, in vivo gene delivery, in ovo gene delivery, and in utero and ex utero gene delivery.

  • CMA Microdialysis AB
  • Box 2
  • SE-171 18 Solna
  • Sweden
  • Phone: +46 8 470 10 00
  • Fax: +46 8 470 10 50
  • E-mail: cma@microdialysis.se
  • Internet: www.microdialysis.com

  • Visiting address: Torshamnsgatan 30A, SE-164 40, Kista, Sweden
  • Delivery address: Torshamnsgatan 30B, SE-164 40, Kista, Sweden

Pioneers of Molecular Delivery Products - Electroporation and Electrofusion

CMA Microdialysis ("CMA") is a Swedish medical device and research company founded in 1984 as a spin-off from the Karolinska Institute, specializing in Microdialysis research. In basic research, Microdialysis is an indispensible tool for drug discovery. CMA's solutions are used across the globe by drug developers and researchers to achieve fast and efficient drug discovery. CMA´s vision is to substantially shorten the time-to-market of drug and research projects by offering a complete and leading portfolio of Microdialysis products.

The head office is located outside Stockholm, Sweden. CMA has talented distributors across the globe, responsible for local sales, service and support.

Coulbourn Instruments
  • Coulbourn Instruments
  • 5583 Roosevelt Street
  • Whitehall, PA 18052
  • United States
  • Phone: 610-395-3771
  • Toll Free: 800-424-3771
  • Fax: 610-391-1333
  • E-mail: sales@coulbourn.com
  • Internet: www.coulbourn.com

New & Innovative Products for the Life Sciences...

Coulbourn earned their exceptional reputation by providing superior behavioral research products and customer support for more than 40 years.

Denville Scientific

Your Source for Research Equipment & Plastics

Denville Scientific is a distributor of molecular biology products, with a strong focus on liquid handling items utilized in research laboratories. Denville lab equipment includes extended length pipette tips, bench top tube chillers and self-cooling micro centrifuges.

Harvard Apparatus Canada

The Leader in Specialty Bioresearch and Optics Products in Canada

Harvard Apparatus Canada provides specialty research products to the Canadian market. Harvard Apparatus Canada also specializes in optics products.

Harvard Apparatus Canada is a wholly owned subsidiary of Harvard Bioscience Inc. of Holliston, Massachusetts, USA. It supplies the products of Harvard Apparatus and its subsidiaries Hugo Sachs Elektronik GmbH, Warner Instruments Inc., Scie-Plas Ltd. and MitoScan, AmiKa and the Medical Systems' range of research products. In addition, it is the distributor, in Canada, for other manufacturers of Biological/Life Sciences product such as AD Instruments, Radnoti Glass Technology Inc. and Technical Manufacturing Corporation. Optical products have always been a significant part of its product range. Harvard Apparatus Canada continues to distribute instruments and components from leading manufacturers. Harvard Apparatus Canada remains a reliable and competitive source of OEM components such as lenses, prisms, mirrors, windows and optical filters.

Harvard Apparatus S.A.R.L

The Leader in Specialty Bioresearch in France

Harvard Apparatus S.A.R.L. specializes in physiological research for the life sciences. They are located in France and provide quality guidance for sales and use of specialty research products. They provide both pre and post sales support in France and French Switzerland.

HEKA Elektronik
  • HEKA Elektronik Dr. Schulze GmbH
  • Wiesenstraße 71
  • D-67466 Lambrecht/Pfalz
  • Germany
  • Phone:(49) 0 6325-95-53-0
  • Fax:(49) 0 6325-95-53-50
  • E-mail: sales@heka.com
  • Internet: www.heka.com/index.html

The Leader in sophisticated instrumentation and software for biomedical and Industrial research

For over 45 years HEKA has designed and manufactured sophisticated instrumentation and software for biomedical and Industrial research applications. Through the years HEKA has achieved an unparalleled reputation for precision and quality. Most medical, pharmaceutical and industrial research facilities world-wide rely on HEKA ingenuity for their discoveries.

Hoefer Inc.
Hoefer Inc.

Setting the Standard in Electrophoresis

Hoefer is world-renowned as the premier supplier of gel electrophoresis equipment and related products. Founded in San Francisco in 1967 by Peter and Jacqueline Hoefer, the company rapidly became recognized as an innovator and its distinctive products can be found in laboratories all around the world.

Hugo Sachs Elektronik - Harvard Apparatus GmbH
  • Hugo Sachs Elektronik - Harvard Apparatus GmbH
  • Gruenstrasse 1
  • March-Hugstetten D-79232
  • Germany
  • Phone: (49) 0 7665-92-00-0
  • Fax: (49) 0 7665-92-00-90
  • E-mail: Info@Hugo-Sachs.de
  • Internet: www.hugo-sachs.de

The Leader in Advanced Tools for Physiology Research

Hugo Sachs Elektronik provides Advanced Tools for Physiology. It is the industry leader for providing advanced isolated organ and tissue perfusion systems as well as the PLUGSYS modular amplifier system for cardiovascular and respiratory applications.

Specialty Systems Include:

Isolated Heart Systems

Isolated Lung Systems Other Perfusion Systems Organ Baths for Isolated Tissues (Immersion) Organ Superfusion Slices Incubation Plugsys Amplifier System
Cardiovascular Systems
Respiratory Systems

Multi Channel Systems MCS GmbH

Focused in the development of precise scientific measuring instrumentation in the field of electrophysiology

Multi Channel Systems focuses on the development of precise scientific measuring instrumentation in the field of Electrophysiology for research groups at universities and for the pharmaceutical industry. MCS provides solutions for extra-cellular recordings with microelectrode arrays in vitro and in vivo as well as for electrical stimulation.

Panlab-Harvard Apparatus
  • Panlab-Harvard Apparatus
  • C/Energia, 112
  • 08940 Cornella (Barcelona)
  • Spain
  • Phone:934-190-709
  • Fax:934-750-699
  • E-mail: info@panlab.com
  • Internet: www.panlab.com

A leading manufacturer and software developer of products for life science research located in Spain

Panlab, S.L. Technology for Bioscience is a world leading manufacturer and software developer of products for life science researchers. Our technical and scientific team project, design, develop and manufacture the products of the Panlab line (commercialised under various brand names) in close contact with our customers.

Beyond making major commercial efforts worldwide, Panlab, S.L. Domestic Sales also aims at satisfying the needs of housing for the investigation of animals, such as the supply of animal standard and research diets, cages and accessories.

For more than 30 years, our constant concern has always been to be able to offer our customers the best service and full attention which translates into a dynamic business focus, while a constant effort is made to guarantee that high quality standards are accomplished in every detail.

Scie-Plas Ltd.
Scie-Plas Ltd.

Quality Electrophoresis and Radiation Protection at Economical Prices

Scie-Plas was founded in 1988 and is now one of the leading manufacturers of value electrophoresis systems with its renowned Green Range of Horizontal and Vertical tanks. In addition, there is a comprehensive range of both Beta and Gamma radiation protection products including shields, cabinets, storage devices and waste bins.

Triangle BioSystems International

A leading biomedical device company providing solutions for application in animal-centric neuroscience research

Triangle Biosystems International is a biomedical device company focused on developing and manufacturing hardware and software solutions for application in animal-centric neuroscience research where bio-monitoring, recording, and stimulation functions are needed.

Warner Instruments, Inc

Specialized Biomedical Instrumentation for Electrophysiological, Cellular and Neurological Sciences

Warner Instruments is a diverse group of multi-talented individuals who design, manufacture, market and distribute biomedical instrumentation to the worldwide life sciences community. We are committed to providing top quality products at competitive prices.

Additional Product Lines

Medical Systems Research Products

The Medical Systems products include the industry standard research products for cell handling and cell injection. These products include: the PLI-100 picoliter injectors, BH2 iontophoresis injectors, cell incubators for microscope stages and temperature control devices. These products are most commonly used for the manipulation of cells in cloning, in vitro fertilization and the development of transgenic models. In addition, Medical Systems has a patented tissue oxygen analysis system, a real-time neurotransmitter analyzer, a tissue slice chamber and other related manufactured products.


AmiKa has a strong portfolio of patented products and kits for biological preparation and purification based on novel dialysis, pipette tip coatings and spin column technologies. These products provide unique solutions for micro-volume sample preparation in the genomic and proteomic markets. Applications include dialysis, affinity and sample preparation.

IMS - International Market Supply LTD

IMS designs, manufactures, and markets anesthesia and other respiratory products, and related consumables. It has strong access to the UK pharmaceutical industry, marketing through a direct sales force in the UK and through distributors in the rest of the world. It specializes in Animal Anesthesia, Behavior and Husbandry Products.

Clark Electromedical Instruments

This company manufactures micropipettes and micro-electrodes used primarily in intra-cellular research. They set the world standard for capillary glass.


Harvard/NaviCyte is a patented line of horizontal and vertical diffusion chambers designed for the study of substance transport across cultured cell monolayers or excised tissue under dynamic conditions.


Stronghold is an ingenious, modular, totally integrated group of clamps, connectors, stands and lattices that meet most laboratory requirements. Precision molded nylon with 30% glass fiber reinforcement provides superior strength with light weight. A new MRI compatible line of Stronghold is being developed. This new line will be completely free of magnetic materials and can be use near an imaging magnet.

Breakthrough Products for Regenerative Medicine
2011 Regenerative Medicine Brochure
100's of Innovative products developed with leading scientists & surgeons!
  • Injection & Perfusion
  • Bioreactors
  • Biosensing
  • Total Solutions
  • Total Support

Announcing the new
PHD ULTRA™ Syringe Pumps

Click here for more information about PHD ULTRA™ Syringe Pumps and to download a brochure.

  • Patent pending mechanical design provides highest accuracy/precision & smoothest flow
  • Easy operation with advanced touch screen
  • Advanced EZ PRO™ software for PC functions without a PC.

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