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Looking for a Harvard Apparatus Catalogue?
Harvard Apparatus now offer you a series of catalogues. Each catalogue is designed to meet your needs in specific areas of research. Request one or all of these catalogues and they will be shipped to you free of charge. You can also access our catalogues online through the Technical Documents Library.

Harvard Apparatus… Providing innovative technologies and the highest quality of support.

Full Line Pump Catalogue Full Line Pump Catalogue
Harvard Apparatus, the global leader in syringe pumps, is pleased to announce the availability of our 2011 Full Line Pump Catalogue. Complete specifications and application focused information on the entire range of Harvard Apparatus pumps is inside, as well as new products and information resources to improve your productivity and the versatility of our legendary pumps.
Surgical Solutions Catalogue Surgical Solutions Catalog
For the very first time, Harvard Apparatus brings you a comprehensive surgical catalogue dedicated to the needs of assembling and maintaining a state-of-the-art surgical suite. From surgical instruments to vital signs monitors and ventilators, we have the tools and knowledge to ensure your procedures are successful.
Comprehensive Behavioral Research Catalogue Comprehensive Behavioral Research Catalogue
This catalogue provides an overview of the comprehensive Coulbourn Instruments Behavioral Research line of products including software for experimental control and analysis, pre-pulse inhibition, sensory/motor, activity monitoring, respiratory metabolism and more.
Regenerative Medicine Product Catalog Regenerative Medicine Product Catalog
The Harvard Apparatus Guide to Advanced Solutions for Regenerative Medicine provides a reference for both researchers and physicians on the latest technologies in preparation and harvesting, engineering and modification, culturing and growth and conditioning monitoring. Our guide includes: physiological macro to femto fluidic infusion pumps, animal to cell electrophysiological monitoring systems, organ to cell perfusion baths and chambers, live cell imaging and perfusion cambers and cell engineering tools from electroporation to pneumatic injectors.
Guide to Isolated Lung Perfusion Systems Guide to Isolated Lung Perfusion Systems
The IPL method has been found to be invaluable in characterizing the non-respiratory capabilities of pulmonary tissues such as pulmonary metabolic activity as well as the activities of various components (pulmonary alveolar macrophage, alveolar tissue, endothelial tissue, etc) in response to inhaled/airborne particulates/therapies. Isolated lung systems are equally useful for evaluating respiratory functions such as respiratory mechanics and gas exchange.
CMA Microdialysis Catalog CMA Microdialysis Catalogue
CMA Microdialysis has been the world's leading microdialysis provider for more than 25 years. Microdialysis is a valuable tool for in vivo evaluation studies on drug delivery, drug metabolism, PK/PD, bioavailability, bioequivalence and pharmacological efficacy. As part of Harvard Apparatus, we can offer you complete systems solutions for all your research needs. Check out our new microdialysis catalog!
Electrophysiology & Cell Biology catalogue Electrophysiology & Cell Biology Catalogue
Warner Instruments is proud to introduce our new Electrophysiology & Cell Biology Catalogue. This catalogue contains many new products for cell imaging, biosensing, microinjection, and electrophysiology.
Behavioral Research Catalogue! Behavioral Research Catalogue
Panlab/Harvard Apparatus offers high quality equipment for the biological sciences. For over 30 years, out team covers all stages of development - from design to manufacturing, software to hardware, technical and scientific support. Panlab/Harvard Apparatus is your reliable source for the most comprehensive solutions to your application needs - our offerings include the following application areas: video tracking, activity/exploration, sensory motor, analgesia, memory, anxiety, metabolism, non-invasive blood pressure, and isolated physiology systems. Our team is ready to adapt, improve or develop new or pre-existing lines to meet our customer's changing requirements.
Physiology Research Catalogue Physiology Research Catalogue
Harvard Apparatus is proud to announce our new 2010 Physiology Catalogue. It contains hundreds of new products to accelerate your physiological research. Whether you are working with single cells, tissue samples, organs or whole animals, this catalogue is for you!
Molecular Biology/Sample Preparation Catalogue Molecular Biology/Sample Preparation Catalogue
Harvard Apparatus has just published its new Complete Molecular Sample Preparation Catalogue. This new Catalogue lists the most innovative sample preparation technologies and CPK models. Harvard Apparatus offers a broad range of products for various applications at sample sizes of 5µl to 5ml that can be used for separating small or large molecules, e.g., nucleosides from proteins, desalting samples, concentrating biomolecules, cleaning up samples for mass spectrometry and for binding studies. These Advanced Products include packed tips, spin columns, filtration plates, disposable or re-usable dialysis products and equilibrium dialyzers, ElectroPrep systems and a full line of CPK Models offered exclusively by Harvard Apparatus. The patented 96-Well Dispo-Equilibrium Dialysis Plates from Harvard Apparatus are already the system of choice for accurate binding studies.
BTX Electroporation & Transfection Catalogue BTX Electroporation & Transfection Catalogue
BTX offers a comprehensive line of instruments and accessories for both electroporation and electrofusion of mammalian, bacterial, yeast, fungi, insect and plant cells and tissues. BTX specializes in providing research tools for novel cutting edge applications such as adherent cell electroporation, high-throughput cloning, in vivo gene delivery, in ovo gene delivery, and in & ex utero gene delivery.
Model Organism Research Catalogue (Electronic Only) Model Organism Research Catalogue (Electronic Only)
  • Features products used specifically for models in bioresearch using smaller organism including Drosophila, Nematodes, Xenopus and Zebrafish.

Life science researchers studying these model organisms have been making considerable contributions using Harvard Apparatus products for years. Harvard Apparatus reviewed published research on model organisms and organized our products accordingly. We have added new products to enhance model organism research and included sample publications to assist you in utilizing both the new and existing products. This is the must have catalogue for any scientist performing research using a model organism

Hoefer Catalogue - Proven Solutions for Electrophoresis Hoefer Catalogue - Proven Solutions for Electrophoresis
The 2009/10 catalogue includes a number of new products that support quality results and facilitate collecting your data. Along with the many proven Hoefer electrophoresis products used in labs throughout the world, Hoefer is pleased to introduce several new high quality electrophoresis products to further support your needs.
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The BTX MOS* Technology Sampling Advantage — Electroporation will never be the same

  • 25- or 96-well sample technology
  • Develop high yield methods by optimizing all experimental variables in minutes, not days
  • Optimize the cell concentration, buffer (pH and ion selection) and pulse
  • 25 or 96 samples run in two minutes!

    * Patent Pending

Breakthrough Products for Regenerative Medicine
2011 Regenerative Medicine Brochure
100's of Innovative products developed with leading scientists & surgeons!
  • Injection & Perfusion
  • Bioreactors
  • Biosensing
  • Total Solutions
  • Total Support

Announcing the new
PHD ULTRA™ Syringe Pumps

Click here for more information about PHD ULTRA™ Syringe Pumps and to download a brochure.

  • Patent pending mechanical design provides highest accuracy/precision & smoothest flow
  • Easy operation with advanced touch screen
  • Advanced EZ PRO™ software for PC functions without a PC.

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