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Shuttle Pump

This Shuttle Pump is based on a patented dual-channel shuttle pump mechanism that can deliver flow rates up to 50 ml/min, but is small and incredibly power efficient. This unique pump was designed for cell culture experiments conducted on the Space Shuttle, where weight and power consumption are significant constraints.
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610128 Harvard Apparatus Shuttle Pump, 120 VAC
720011 Harvard Apparatus Shuttle Pump, 220 VAC

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• Battery powered
• Perfect for cell culture work
• Fits in palm of your hand
• Flow rates up to 50 ml/minute
• Extremely energy efficient
• Gentle pulsatile flow
• Extended tubing life

This Shuttle Pump is based on a patented dual-channel shuttle pump mechanism that can deliver flow rates up to 50 ml/min, but is small and incredibly power efficient. This unique pump was designed for cell culture experiments conducted on the Space Shuttle, where weight and power consumption are significant constraints.
Efficient Design
This fluid pump uses two easily removable pumping chambers on either side of an oscillating shuttle. The balanced tube arrangement, high-efficiency motor, and 4 passive check valves result in a pump that is far more efficient than a typical peristaltic pump: 13 times higher flow rates with 60% lower weight and 90% lower power consumption.
Gentle Pumping Action
The oscillating shuttle does not squeeze the tubes to occlusion, making this device ideal for pumping cell suspensions and blood. Fluid can free flow through the pump in the forward direction, simplifying filling and purging, but limiting applications to those where outflow pressure is greater than inflow pressure. Single or dual channel operation. Join the two tubes to form a single input and output and thereby generate twice the flow rate with less pulsation.
Built-In Control Circuitry
Adjust the motor speed over a 20:1 range using the knob on the top of the pump.
The pump mechanism is also available for OEM applications.
Please call Harvard Apparatus for details

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OD (mm)3.4 mm3.4 mm
OD (inch)0.135 in0.135 in
Dimensions (H x W x D) Metric3.3 x 11.4 x 7.2 cm3.3 x 11.4 x 7.2 cm
Dimensions (H x W x D) English1.3 x 4.5 x 2.8 in1.3 x 4.5 x 2.8 in
Flow Rate Both Tubes Combined2.5 to 50 ml/min (no back pressure)2.5 to 50 ml/min (no back pressure)
Flow Rate Single Tube1.25 to 25 ml/min (no back pressure)1.25 to 25 ml/min (no back pressure)
Flow WaveformPulsatilePulsatile
Pumping Chambers2 per pump2 per pump
Pulses per Minute~ 45 at 6 ml/min (single channel)~ 45 at 6 ml/min (single channel)
Developed Pressure9 PSI (flow = 0), maximum9 PSI (flow = 0), maximum
Tubing Life> 3 months> 3 months
Power Source Provided9 V battery and AC adapter9 V battery and AC adapter
Battery Life50 hrs under continuous operation, 9 V lithium50 hrs under continuous operation, 9 V lithium

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17% Login to view PP119 lc ms polymers.pdf
[100 KB]
Syringe Pump use in Coupling of Liquid Chromatographic Polymer Separations with Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry
17% Login to view PP16MO 1.PDF
[322 KB]
Infusion/Withdrawal Pump use in Developing the atomic force miscoscope for studies of living cells
17% Login to view PP19 Pulsatile Flow Pump.pdf
[540 KB]
Pulsatile Flow Pump use in finding Real-Time Color Flow MRI
17% Login to view PP102 blood pumpilliac.pdf
[185 KB]
Cardiovascular Pump use in finding Impact of Unilateral Common lliac Vein Occlusion
17% Login to view PP59 2003pumpms.pdf
[263 KB]
Syringe Pump use in Characterization of N-Glycans from Arabidopsis Application to a Fucose-Deficient Mutant
17% Login to view PP107 Predictability Modulates Human Brain Response to Reward.pdf
[300 KB]
Dual Syringe Pump use in finding Predictability Modulates Human Brain Response to Reward
17% Login to view PP62 Model 22 Syringe Pump.pdf
[76 KB]
Electrophysiologic cardiac effects of the new local anesthetic IQB-9302 with use of infusion pump model 22
17% Login to view PP49 Drug-Protein Binding and Blood-Brain Barrier Permeability.pdf
[123 KB]
Infusion Pump use in finding Drug-Protein Binding and Blood Brain Barrier Permeability
16% Login to view PP101 2002vent.pdf
[210 KB]
Double Syringe Pump use in finding Effects of hyperglycemia
16% Login to view PP38 Model 22 Syringe Pump.pdf
[101 KB]
Binding Energies of the Silver Ion with use of Syringe Pump

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[263 KB]
58% Login to view Harvard Peristaltic Pump Brochure.pdf
[1.6 MB]
Harvard Peristaltic Pump Brochure
56% Login to view 11 Elite Syringe Pump User Manual.pdf
[3.2 MB]
Pump 11 Elite User Manual
51% Login to view Nanoleader Pump Series NLS110P Pressure Pump Manual.pdf
[2.2 MB]
705000 NLS110P Pump Manual

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