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Ventilator Connection Kits

These connecting kits are used to connect rodent ventilators to an anesthesia machine and evacuation system. Four kits are available, one for the larger Inspira Advanced Safety Ventilator, one for the Rodent Ventilator Model 683, one for the Mouse Ventilator Model 687 and one for the Minivent for mouse ventilation.
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733076 Ventilation Connection Kit for Inspira and Model 683 Ventilators
733077 Ventilation Connection Kit for Model 687, MicroVent, MiniVent, and MidiVent Mouse Ventilator

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• For convenient connection of your rodent or small animal ventilator to anesthesia equipment
• 2 sets available to work with:
- Inspira Advanced Safety Ventilator, see page F4
- Model 683 Small Animal Ventilator, see page F7
- Model 687 Mouse Ventilator, see page F7
- MiniVent Mouse Ventilator, see page F8

These connecting kits are used to connect rodent ventilators to an anesthesia machine and evacuation system. Four kits are available, one for the larger Inspira Advanced Safety Ventilator, one for the Rodent Ventilator Model 683, one for the Mouse Ventilator Model 687 and one for the Minivent for mouse ventilation.

This apparatus is intended to be used for connecting an anesthesia system to an animal ventilator or the MINIVENT in physiological and pharmacological research laboratories. Each kit contains the necessary connectors and tubing to properly connect the ventilator to the anesthesia system.

• Direct connection of anesthesia to ventilator for delivery to animal via intubation or tracheotomy (see tracheal/intubation cannulas)
• Removes pressurized gas to waste port – the introduction of pressurized gas into a ventilator will damage the system and over-inflate the animal’s lungs. The connection kits depressurize the incoming gas to atmospheric pressure for safe delivery.

NOTE: Waste gas will contain anesthetic gas and MUST be connected to an evacuation system.

Items Required
In addition to the connecting kit and the essential consumables (e.g. Oxygen, compressed air, N2O, anesthetic agent) it is necessary to provide the following items and equipment to operate a complete anesthetic system:

• Anesthesia Machine – Table Top, Vaporstick, or equivalent
• Anesthetic Vaporizer – Tech 3, Tech 4, or Ohio
• Animal Ventilator – Inspira, Model 683, Model 687 or Minivent (based on the species you are working with)
• Evacuation System – Active Evacuation system, F/Air Canister, fume hood

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33% Login to view VT12 mini 2002hs.pdf
[177 KB]
Small rodent ventilator use in finding chronic measurement of cardiac output in conscious mice
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[663 KB]
Inhibition Shapes Frequency Response Areas with Small Animal Ventilator
32% Login to view VT30 ventilator.pdf
[360 KB]
Rodent Ventilator use in Antisense Knockdown of the Gial Glutamate Transporter GLT-1
32% Login to view VT36 mrivent89.pdf
[573 KB]
Ventilator use in finding Water Permeability of Capillaries in the SFO
32% Login to view HS20 Mini Ventilator.pdf
[681 KB]
Mini Ventilator used in Nitric oxide prevention of cardiovascular disease
31% Login to view VT36 687 Vent Mouse Cardiac Surgery 349.pdf
[782 KB]
VT36 687 Vent Mouse Cardiac Surgery
30% Login to view VT16 2003683.pdf
[249 KB]
Animal Ventilator finding Hydrogen Peroxide in the Lung Parenchyma Stimulates Vagally Mediated Phrenic Activity
30% Login to view VT06 683 load.pdf
[218 KB]
Animal Ventilator use in finding load as an acute determinant of end-diastolic pressure-volume relation
28% Login to view VT04 683.pdf
[298 KB]
Rodent Ventilator use in finding Ventilatory and metabolic responses to hypoxia in the smallest simian primate, the pygmy marmoset
28% Login to view VT22 Rodent Ventilator.pdf
[194 KB]
Rodent Ventilator use in finding arterior wall PO2 and nitric oxide release during sympathetic vasoconstriction in the rat intestine

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Microsoft Word - Fluidic Connect v1.1.doc

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