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CPK« Atomic Models, Angstrom Unit Scale Caliper Accessory Angstrom Unit Scale Caliper An Angstrom Unit Scale caliper calibrated at 1.25 cm/┼ (the scale of the CPK models) which offers a convenient way to make direct measurements in Angstroms on CPK structures. Range 0 to 30┼ graduated... more

CPK« Atomic Models, Construction Tool Accessory Construction Tool To assemble the models, a Connector Link is placed in the well on the end of the handle of this Construction Tool. The Connector Link is then pressed into the female socket of the atom. The second atom is simply... more

CPK« Atomic Models, H-Bond Spacer Accessory H-Bond Spacer For use with the 67-6726 Hydrogen H-Bond, Hook Type, see page P11. One or more of these spacers can be put on over the hook of the 67-6726 to increase the bond distance by 0.2┼ for each spacer used. White. more

CPK« Atomic Models, Hydrogen Wrench Accessory Hydrogen Wrench This wrench is for use with the 67-6726 Hydrogen H-Bond, Hook Type, see page P11. When the hook of that atom is placed in the slot of the 67-6874 Oxygen, Single Bond or 67-6916 Oxygen, Indented Double Bond atom,... more

CPK« Atomic Models, Metal Atom Connector Link Accessory Metal Atom Connector Link Supplied with self-tapping screw. For use with 67-6999 Metal, All Purpose, see page P12. Note that two of these connectors are supplied with each 67-6999 Metal, All Purpose. White. more

CPK« Atomic Models, Pamphlet: Molecules in 3D Accessory Pamphlet: “Molecules in Three Dimensions” A 20-page pamphlet subtitled A Guide to the Construction of Models of Biochemically Interesting Compounds with CPK Models. Written by Robert A. Harte of the American Society... more

CPK« Atomic Models, Screw for Amine Cap Accessory Screw for Amine Cap This screw is used to connect the 67-7112 Amine Cap, see page P12, to the 67-6726 Hydrogen H-Bond, Hook Type when the hook is removed. more

CPK« Atomic Models, Socket Accessory Socket Standard female socket to be mounted on special atom species fabricated by the user. This socket takes all of the Connector Links listed on page P4. White. more

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