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Electroporation / Electrofusion

Electroporation / Electrofusion

Document# Description  
BTX01E_1 Kremer, Humphreys T, Kumar A, Qian N, Hedin K. Distinct Role of ZAP-70 and Src Homology 2 Domain-Containing Leukocyte Protein of 76kDa in the prolonged Activation of Extracellular Signal-Regulated Protein Kinase by the Stromal Cell-Derived Factor 1x/cxc Login/Register to View PDF
BTX02 ECM830 Kato Y, Tanaka Y, Tanaka H, Yamashita S, Minato N. Requirement of Species-Specific Interactions for the Activation of Human Yst Cells by Pamidronate. J Immuno (2003) 3608-3613. Login/Register to View PDF
BTX03 Electroporator Tan P, Kropshofer H, Mandelborm O, Bulbuc N, Hammerling G, Momburg F. Recruitment of MHC Class 1 Molecules by Tapasin into the Transporter Associated with Antigen Processing-Associated Complex Is Essential for Optimal Peptidal Loading. J Immuno (2002)1 Login/Register to View PDF
BTX04 Electroporator Baccam M, Woo S, Vinson C, Bishop G. CD40-Mediated Transcriptional Regulation of the IL-6 Gene in B Lymphocytes: Involvment of NF-KB, AP-1, and C/EPB1. J Immuno(2003), 3100-3108. Login/Register to View PDF
BTX05 Electroporator Schneider H, Mandelbrot D, Greenwald R, Ng F, Lechler R, Sharpe A, Rudd C. Cutting Edge: CTLA-4 (CD 152) Differentially Regulates Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinases (Extra Cellular Signal-Regulated Kinase and C-JUN N-Terminal Kinase) in CD4+ T Cells from Login/Register to View PDF
BTX06 T820 Lee J, Ha Y, Kim H. Cutting Edge: Induced Expression of a RhoA-Specific Guanine Nucleotide Exchange Factor, p190RhoGEF, Following Cd40 Stimulation and WEHI 231 B Cell Activation. J Immuno (2003) 19-23. Login/Register to View PDF
BTX07 Electroporator Mollinedo F, Martin-Martin B, Calafat J, Nabokina S, Lazo P. Role of Vesicle Associated Membrane Protein 2, Through Q Soluble N-Ethylmaleimide-Senstive Factor Attachment Protein Receptor/R-Soluble N-Ethylmaleimide Sensitive Factor Attachment Protein Rec Login/Register to View PDF
BTX08E_1 Haks M, Belkowski S, Ciofani M, Rhodes M, Lefebvne J, Trop S, Hugo P, Zuniga-Pflucker J, Wiest D. Law Activation Threshold As a Mechanism for Ligand-Independent Signaling in Pre-T Cell. J Immuno (2003) 2853-2861 Login/Register to View PDF
BTX09E_1 Laderach D, Compagno D, Danos O, Vainchenker W, Galy A. RNA Interference Shows Critical Requirement for NF-KB p50 in the Production of IL-12 by Human Dendritic Cells. J Immuno (2003) 1751-1757. Login/Register to View PDF
BTX10 ECM2001 Parkhurst M, Depan C, Riley J, Rosenberg S, Shu S. Hybrids of Dendritic Cells and Tumor Cells Generated by Electrofusion Simutaneously Present Immunodominant Epitopes from Multiple Human Tumor-Associated Antigens in the Context of MHC Class 1 and Class Login/Register to View PDF
BTX11 Electroporation French J, Walters D, Jelinek D. Transactivation of gp130 in Myeloma Cells. J Immuno (2003) 3717-3723. Login/Register to View PDF
BTX12 T820 Paster W, Kalat M, Zehetner M, Schweighoffer. Structural Elements of a Protein Antigen Determine Immunogenicity of the Embedded MHC Class 1-Restricted T Cell Epitope. J Immuno (2002) 2938-2946. Login/Register to View PDF

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