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Flow Perfusion Chamber

Flow Perfusion Chamber

Document# Description  
VT18 PDMI2 Microincubator Jayaraman S, Song Y, Verkman A. Airway surface liquid pH in well-differentiated airway epithelial cell cultures and mouse trachea. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol (2001) 281: C1504-C1511. Login/Register to View PDF
PP93 Vittitow J, Garg R, Rowlette L, Epstein D, O’Brien E, Borras T. Gene Transfer of Dominant-negative RhoA Increases Outflow Facility in Perfused Human Anterior Segment Cultures, Molecular Vision (2002) 8:32-44. Login/Register to View PDF
PDMI01 PDMI2 Cheer J, Marsden C, Kendall D, Mason R. Lack of Response Suppression Follows Repeated Ventral Tegmental Cannabinoid Administration: An In Vitro Electrophysiological Study. Neuroscience (2000) 99 (4): 661-667. Login/Register to View PDF
PDMI02_1 Kim J, Johannes L, Goud B, Antony C, Lingwood C, Danerman R, Grinstein. Noninvasive Measurement of the PH of the Endoplasmic Reticulum at Rest and During Calcium Release. Proc Natl Acad Sci (1998) 95, 2997-3002. Login/Register to View PDF
PDMI03 2003microinc Jayaraman S, Song Y, Verkman A. Airway Surface Liquid Osmolality Measured using Fluorophore-encapsulated Liposomes. J. Gen. Physiol. (2001) 117: 423?430. Login/Register to View PDF
PDMI04 pdmi Sonawane N, Thiagarajah J, Verkman A. Chloride Concentration in Endosomes Measured Using a Ratioable Fluorescent Cl Indicator, Evidence for Chloride Accumulation During Acidification. Journal of Biological Chemistry. (2002) 277(7): 5506?5513. Login/Register to View PDF
PP52 Syringe Pump Uchimura K, El-Faskahany F, Hori M, Hmmerich S, Blink S, Kansas G, Kanamori A, Kunamoto K, Kannagi R, Muramatsu T. Specifications of N-Acetyglucosamine-6-0-Sufotransferases in Relation to L-Selectin Ligand Synthesis and Tumor-Associated Enzyme Expressio Login/Register to View PDF
PP61 White C, Haidekker M, Bao X, Frangos J. Temporal Gradients in Shear, But Not Spatial Gradients, Stimulate Endothelial Cell Proliferation. Am Heart Assc(2001) 2508-2513. Login/Register to View PDF
PP83 Marinkovic N, Adzic A, Sullivan M, Kovacs K, Miller L, Rousseau D, Yeh S, Chance M. Design and Implementation of a Rapid-Mixer Flow-Cell for Time-Resolved Infrared Microspectroscopy, (2000) American Institute of Physics, Vol 71, No 11, 1-4. Login/Register to View PDF
PP87 Alon R, Chen S, Fuhlbrigge R, Puri K, Springer T. The Kinetics and Shear Threshold of Transient and Rolling Interactions of L-Selection With Its Ligand on Leukocytes,Proc Natl Acad Sci (1998) 95:11631-11636. Login/Register to View PDF
PP89 Sanders W, Gordon E, Dwir O, Beck P, Alon R, Kiessling L. Inhibition of L-Selectin-mediated Leukocyte Rolling by Synthetic Glycoprotein Mimics, J Bio Chem(1999) 274 (9):5271-5278. Login/Register to View PDF
PP104 eqpump Pinzon-Ortiz C, Friedman J, Esko J, Sinnis P. The Binding of the Circumsporozoite Protein to Cell Surface Heparan Sulfate Proteoglycans Is Required for Plasmodium Sporozoite Attachment to Target Cells. Journal of Biological Chemistry (2001) 276(29): 2678 Login/Register to View PDF
PP106 goodprotpmp Pujades C, Alon R, Yauch R, Masumoto A, Burkly L, Chen C, Springer T, Lobb R, Hemler M. Defining Extracellular Integrin a-Chain Sites That Affect Cell Adhesion and Adhesion Strengthening without Altering Soluble Ligand Binding. Molecular Biology of the C Login/Register to View PDF
PP116 phd 2 Whelan R, Wohland T, Neumann L, Huang B, Kobilka B, Zare R. Analysis of Biomolecular Interactions Using a Miniaturized Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor. Anal. Chem. (2002) 74: 4570-4576. Login/Register to View PDF
WR16 RC25 Horn E, Waldrop T. Hypoxic Augmentation of Fast-Inactivating and Persistant Sodium Currents In Rat Caudal Hypothalamic Neurons, Am Physiol Soc (2000) 2572-2581. Login/Register to View PDF
WR19FA_1 Mould J, Drury J, Frings Stephan, Kaupp B, Pekosz A, Lamb R, Pinto L. Permeation and Activation of the M2 Ion Channel of Influenza A Virus, J Bio Chem (2000) 275(40): 31038-31050. Login/Register to View PDF
PP11 Automated Syringe Pump Kitayama J, Mackay C, Ponath P, Springer T. The C-C Chemokine Receptor CCR3 Participates in Stimulation of Eosionophil Arrest on Inflammatory Endothelium in Shear Flow, Am Soc for Clincial Investigation (1998) 101(9): 2017-2024. Login/Register to View PDF
PP09 Infusion Pump Greenberg A, Kerr W, Hammer D. Relationship Between Selectin-mediated rolling of hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells and Progression In Hematopoietic Development, Am Soc Hematology (2000) 95(2):478-486. Login/Register to View PDF
PP35 Peristaltic Pump Brown D, Larson R. Improvements to Parallel Plate Flow Chambers to Reduce Reagent and Cellular Requirements. BMC Immunology (2001) 2:9. Login/Register to View PDF
PP07 Syringe Pump Cruz M, Diacovo T, Emsley J, Liddington R, Handin R.Mapping the Glycoprotein Ib-binding Site in the von Willebrand Factor A1 Domain. J Bio Chem (2000) 275(25):19098-19105. Login/Register to View PDF

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