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Mass Spectrometry

Document# Description  
PP04 pump ms Lazou K, d'Oosterlinck A, De Reu L, Schelfaut M, Sandra P. Analysis of Jojoba Oil by LC-Coordination Ion Spray-MS (LC-CIS-MS.) 1-8. Login/Register to View PDF
PP38 Model 22 Syringe Pump Aribi H, Shoeib T, Ling Y, Rodriquez C, Hopkinson A, Siu K. Binding Energies of the Silver Ion to Small Oxygen-Containing Ligands: Determination by Means of Density Functional Theory and Threshold Collision-Induced Dissociation. Intl Phys Chem (2002) 106 Login/Register to View PDF
PP44 Syringe MS Pump 11 Opitek G, Ramirez S, Jogenson J, Moseley III M. Comprehensive Two-Dimensional High-Performance Liquid Chromatography for the Isolation of Overexpressed Proteins and Proteome Mapping. Analytical Biochem (1998) 258: 349-361. Login/Register to View PDF
PP60 Model 22 MS Syringe Lobinski R. Elemental Speciation Analysis by Capillary Electrophoresis with ICP MS and Electrospray mass Spectrometric Detection. Analytical Sciences (2001) 17: 41-43. Login/Register to View PDF
PP01 pumpms Papageorgopoulous C, Caldwell K, Shackelton C, Schweingrubber H, Hellerstein M. Measuring Protein Synthesis by Mass Isotopomer Distribution Analysis. Analytical Biochemistry (1999) 267: 1-16. Login/Register to View PDF
PP05 Syringe MS Pump Ramanadham S, Hsu F, Bohrer A, Nowatzke W, Ma Z, Turk J. Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometric Analyses of Phospholipids from Rat and Human Pancreatic Islets and Subcellular Membranes: Comparison to other Tissues and Implications for Membrane Fusio Login/Register to View PDF
PP06 PHD2000 Syringe Pump Robinson N, Robinson A. Molecular Clocks. PNAS (2001) 983: 944-949. Login/Register to View PDF
PP21 gen pump ms pe Horn C, Namane A, Pescher P, Riviere M, Romain F, Puzo G, Barzu O, Marchal G. Decreased Capacity of Recombinant 45/47-kDa Molecules (Apa) of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis to Stimulate T Lymphocyte Responses Related to Changes in Their Mannosylation Pattern Login/Register to View PDF
PP22 Model 11 Infusion Pump Caceres C, Gimenez-Bonafe P, Rikes E, Wouters-Tyrou D, Martinage A, Kouach M, Sautiere P, Muller S, Palau J, Subirana J, Cornudella L, Chiva M. DNA-interacting Proteins in the Spermiogenesis of the Mollusc Murex brandaris, J Bio Chem (1998) 274 (2): 649- Login/Register to View PDF
PP23 pump ms sciex Chu K, Shek I, Siu K, Wong W, Zuo J, Lau T. Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Electrospray Ionisation Mass Spectrometry of a Novel One-Dimensitonal Cyano-Bridged Ni (ii)-Au(I) Polymer, New J Chem (2000) 24: 765-769. Login/Register to View PDF
PP28MO_1 Hao C, March R, Croley T, Smith J, Rafferty S. Electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometric study of salt cluster ions. Part 1?Investigations of alkali metal chloride and sodium salt cluster ions. J Mass Spec (2001) 36: 79-96. Login/Register to View PDF
PP37 Model 11 Syringe Pump Tanaka Y, Kishimarto Y, Terabe S. Analysis of Charged Cyclodextrin Derivatives by On-line Capillary Electrophoresis Ionspray-Mass Spectrometry. Analytical Science(1998) 14: 383-388. Login/Register to View PDF
PP42 Syringe MS Pump Ward D, Van Der Weyden C, Van Der Merwe M, Westerhoff H, Claiborne A, Snoep J. Branched-Chain a-Keto Acid Catabolism via the Gene Products of the bkd Operon in Enterococcus faecalis: a New, Secreted Metabolite Serving as a Temporary Redox Sink. J Bacteri Login/Register to View PDF
PP47MO_1 Shoeib T, Aribi H, Siu K, Hopkinson A. A Study of Silver (I) Ion-Organonitrile Complexes: Ion Structures, Binding Energies, and Substituent Effects, J Phys Chem (2000) 710-719. Login/Register to View PDF
PP59 2003pumpms Rayon C, Cabanes-Macheteau M, Loutelier-Bourhis C, Salliot-Maire I, Lemoine J, Reiter W, Lerouge P, Faye L. Characterization of N-Glycans from Arabidopsis. Appication to a Fructose-Deficient Mutant.Plant Physio (1999) 19:725-733. Login/Register to View PDF
PP65MO_1 Konig S, Fales H. Formation and Decomposition of Water Clusters as Observed in a Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer. J Am Soc Mass Spectrom (1998) 9:814-822. Login/Register to View PDF
PP66 Syringe MS Pump Marvin L, Zatylny C, Leprince J, Vaudry H, Henry J. Characterization of a Novel Sepia Officinalis Neuropeptide Using MALDI-TOF MS and Post-Source Decay Analysis. El Sevier Science (2001) 1391-1396. Login/Register to View PDF
PP78 Gervasoni P, Staudenmann W, James P, Gehrig P, Pluckthun A. b-Lactamase binds to GroEL in a conformation highly protected against hydrogen/deuterium exchange. Proc Natl Acad Sci (1996) 93: 12189-12194. Login/Register to View PDF
PP79 Zharkov D, Rieger R, Iden C, Grollman A. NH2 Terminal Proline Acts as a Nucleophile in the Glycosylase/Ap-Lyase Reaction catalyzed by Escherichia coli Formamidopyrimidine-DNA Glycosylase (Fpg) Protein. J Bio Chem (1996) 272, 8: 5335-5341. Login/Register to View PDF
PP80 Bonala R, Rieger R, Shibutani S, Grollman A, Iden C, Johnson F. N4-Ethano-2'deoxycytidine: Chemistry of Incorporation into Oligomeric DNA and Reassessment of Miscoding Potential. Nucleic Acids Rsch (1999) 27(24): 4725-4733. Login/Register to View PDF
PP95 Kulkarni S, Ashcroft A, Carey M, Masselos D, Robinson C, Radford S. A near-native state on the slow refolding pathway of hen lysozyme. Cambridge Univ Press (1999) 8:35-44 Login/Register to View PDF
PP103 bupmp Singh K, Long J, Stavropoulos P. Polynuclear Complexes of Copper(I) and the 2-(3(5)-Pyrazolyl)-6-methylpyridine Ligand: Structures and Reactivity toward Small Molecules. Inorg. Chem. (1998) 37: 1073-1079. Login/Register to View PDF
PP110 ms 2002 Hoffman B. Taylor L. A Study of Polyethoxylated Alkylphenols by Packed Column Supercritical Fluid Chromatography. Journal of Chromatographic Science (2002) 40:61-68. Login/Register to View PDF
PP113 pmpmsm Desai A, Tai Y, Davis M, Lee T. A MEMS Electrospray Nozzle for Mass Spectroscopy. 1997 International Conference on Solid-State Sensors and Actuators (Transducers '97), May 1997. Login/Register to View PDF
PP12 Pump 11 Syringe Briseno A, Song F, Baca A, Zhou F. Studies of Potential-Dependent Metallothionein Adsorptions Using a Low-Volume Electrochemical Quartz Crystal Microbalance Flow Cell,J Electroanayltical Chem (2001) 1-5. Login/Register to View PDF
PP77 Hofte A, van der Hoeven R, Fung S, Veroorte R, Tjaden U, van der Greef J. Characterization of Hop Acids by Liquid Chromatography with Negative Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry. Am Soc of Brewing Chemists (1998) 56(3): 118-121. Login/Register to View PDF
PP112 pmp2002 Newcombe D, Paszczynski A, Gajewska W, Kroger M, Feis G, Crawford R. Production of small molecular weight catalysts and the mechanism of trinitrotoluene degradation by several Gloeophyllum species. Enzyme and Microbial Technology (2002) 30: 506?5 Login/Register to View PDF
PP74MO_1 Chace D, Di Perna J, Mitchell B, Sgroi B, Hofman L, Naylor E. Electrospray Tandem Mass Spectrometry for Analysis of Acylcarmitines in Dried Post Mortem Blood Specimens Collected at Autopsy from Infants with Unexplained Cause of Death. Clicnical Chem (200 Login/Register to View PDF
PP119 lc ms polymers Nielen M and Buijtenhuijs A. Coupling of Liquid Chromatographic Polymer Separations with Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry. Coupling Matters. LC-GC Europe - February 2001. Login/Register to View PDF
PP81 Yu K, Balogh M. A Protocol for High-Throughput Drug Mixture Quantification: Fast LC-MS or Flow Injection Analysis-MS. Advanstar Publications (2001) 19 (1). Login/Register to View PDF

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