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Model BSC-ZT (Zbicz Top) for Tissure Slice Chamber

This unique and versatile Brain/Tissue Slice Chamber System offers the investigator two in vitro methods of studying a thin slice of tissue, which is bathed by perfusates of interest. The BSC-HT (Haas Top) is an interface-type chamber in which one cut surface of the slice is wetted by a perfusing solution while the other surface is kept moist by a humidified gas mixture. The BSC-ZT (Zbicz Top) is a chamber in which solutions flow transversely to fully submerged slices. Each top unit allows for rapid changeover of fluids which are being investigated and both provide for excellent access to the slices for electrophysiological recording or other observations.
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650074 Model BSC-ZT (Zbicz Top) for Tissue Slice Chamber
650075 Model BSC-HT (Haas Top) for Tissue Slice Chamber

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• Maintains brain slices for 10 hours or more on the bench-top
• Modular design accommodates submersible or interface chambers
• 20 years of use in leading labs
• Sensitive recordings without electrical interference

The 65-0075 BSC-HT Haas Top is an interface-type chamber2 utilizing semi-submersion principles. It provides for rapid exchange of superfusing fluids, and excellent stability for intracellular recording. Slices rest on nylon mesh below which a thin sheet of the perfusate of interest flows. The bottom side of the slice is wetted as capillary action saturates the mesh. Slices are oxygenated by a warmed and humidified mixture of 95% O2 /5% CO2 which flows across the top surface of the slice. The BSC-HT has been designed such that, if desired, one can study the effects of two drugs simultaneously. One drug flows down the left portion of the chamber and the second down the right.

Laboratory results confirm that the semi-submersion top design has a good history of proven results:
• Maintains a stable intracellular membrane potential of more than 60 mV.
• Facilitates action potentials with overshoots close to 100 mV in amplitude, duration of less than 2 msec at 32°C, when used with hippocampal pyramidal and granular cells.
• Maintenance of the above potentials is possible for more than 1 hour undisturbed by changes in perfusion fluids.
• Preparation slices remain viable for up to 12 hours.
• Using flow rates of 1 ml/min, will completely exchange the chamber fluid in less than 1 minute.

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Height Metric28.19 mm23.8 mm
Height English1.11 in0.937 in
Width Metric101.6 mm85.4 mm
Width English4 in3.395 in
Weight Metric124.7 g130.41 g
Weight English4.4 oz4.6 oz
Length Metric98.55 mm111.13 mm
Length English3.88 in4.375 in

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100% Login to view OT04.pdf
[609 KB]
A new planar multielectrode array for extracellular recprding: application to hippocampal acute slice
64% Login to view Kainate Receptor Activation.pdf
[878 KB]
AMPA Kainate Receptor Activation Mediates Hypoxic Oligodendrocyte Death and Axonal Injury in Cerebral White Matter
64% Login to view WR16 RC25.pdf
[275 KB]
Recording Chamber use in finding Hypoxic Augmentation of Fast-Inactivating and Persistent Sodium Currents in Rat Caudal Hypothalamic Neurons
58% Login to view Hypoxic Augmentation of Fast-Inactivating and Persistent Sodium.pdf
[281 KB]
Recording Chamber use in finding Hypoxic Augmentation of Fast-Inactivating and Persistent Sodium Currents in Rat Caudal Hypothalamic Neurons
[333 KB]
Lack of response suppression follows repeated ventral tegmental cannabinoid administration: An In Vitro Electrophysiological Study
48% Login to view Independence of extracellular tortuosity.pdf
[331 KB]
Independence of extracellular tortuosity and volume fraction during osmotic challenge in rat neocortex
36% Login to view PP63 Model 974A Pump.pdf
[169 KB]
Differential Involvement of NMDA, AMPA/Kainate, and Dopamine Receptors
30% Login to view PP60 Model 22 MS Syringe.pdf
[187 KB]
Microsoft Word - 0041_3d08.doc
30% Login to view PP17 Model 1423 Pistol Pump.pdf
[435 KB]
Piston Pump use in finding Interaction between Wall Shear Stress and Circumferential Strain Affects Endothelial Cell Biochemical Production
30% Login to view PP15 Model 22 Syringe Pump.pdf
[225 KB]
Syringe Infusion Pump use for An Investigation of Three-Phase Flow

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100% Login to view 650073 76 Brain Slice Chmbr Manual.pdf
[642 KB]
71% Login to view 650073-0076 Manual.pdf
[642 KB]

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