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Disposable Infusion Swivels

Introducing the first plastic swivel worthy of the Harvard/Instech names. This single-channel swivel has been designed for researchers that require components touching the fluid path to be replaced after each experiment.
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Item# Description
610011 Harvard/Instech Precision Disposable Swivel, 20 Gauge, Each.
610014 Harvard/Instech Precision Disposable Swivel, 22 Gauge, Each.
726121 Harvard/Instech Precision Disposable Swivel, 25 Gauge, Each.

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• Available in 3 sizes: 20 gauge, 22 gauge and 25 gauge
• 25 gauge swivel is ideal for mice
• Plastic Swivel-to-tether clamp included
• Single use, low cost, precision swivels
• Meets Harvard Apparatus’ and Instech’s strict quality standards

Introducing the first plastic swivel worthy of the Harvard/Instech names. This single-channel swivel has been designed for researchers that require components touching the fluid path to be replaced after each experiment.
Autoclavable (Once)
Unlike the Harvard/Instech stainless steel swivels, which carry a lifetime warranty and can stand up to hundreds of autoclavings, these swivels are meant to be autoclaved once, used, and then thrown away. Repeated autoclavings will weaken the adhesive.
Harvard/Instech Quality on the Inside
While we have used a polysulfone plastic body in order to reduce the price, we have made no compromises in terms of functionality. In fact, the critical internal components (the PTFE seal, the stainless steel seal cup, and the stainless steel spring) are common between these and our stainless steel swivels. As a result, these swivels feature our unique self-adjusting seals, which do not loosen with use (thereby preventing leaks) and have low rotational friction. This superior design has been proven reliable in many thousands of studies over the past 30 years.
As with all Harvard/Instech swivels, fluids traveling through them touch only stainless steel hypodermic tubing and a PTFE seal. Internal dead volumes in these swivels are even lower than in our stainless steel swivels.
Standard Configurations
These disposable swivels are available in single-channel models only with either 20, 22 or 25 gauge tubing. The new 25 gauge swivel mates with standard PE20 catheter tubing and is ideal for the infusion of mice. The 22 gauge swivel is most commonly used with rats because it mates with standard PE50 catheter tubing. Use the 20 gauge version when working with more viscous solutions, or at higher flow rates. The 20 gauge swivel is ideal for use with rabbits and other animals of a similar size.
These swivels include a plastic swivel-to-tether clamp. See ordering chart, below.

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ApplicationBlood Pressure Measurements, Rapid Infusions, IV FeedingStandard Infusion of RatsStandard Infusion of Mice
MaterialPolysulfone Plastic Body, Teflon Seal, Stainless Steel Seal Cup  
Inlet & Outlet Tube Gauge202225
Compatible TubingPE90PE50PE20
Length English1.69 in1.69 in1.69 in
Number of Channels111
Channel ID English0.023 in0.016 in0.010 in
Diameter Englishininin
Internal Dead Volume Metric12 ?l6 ?l2.5 ?l

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Syringe Infusion Pump use for An Investigation of Three-Phase Flow

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100% Login to view 703005 PHD ULTRA Manual.pdf
[2.4 MB]
PHD Ultra Syringe Pumps Manual - Standard/Remote/Programmable
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[173 KB]
PHD Ultra Syringe Pumps Quickstart Guide - Standard/Remote/Programmable
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[493 KB]
PHD 2000 Syringe Pump Series Manual

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