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IR Actimeter Accessories

The Panlab/Harvard Apparatus Infrared (IR) Actimeter allows the study of spontaneous locomotor activity, rearings and optionally hole-board test parameters for exploration in rodents. A reliable system for easy and rapid drug screening and phenotype characterization in both day and night lighting conditions.
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Item# Description
760125 Arena Divider for Large Frame
760126 Arena Divider for Small Frame
760127 IR Frame, 450 x 450 mm
760128 IR Frame, 250 x 250 mm
760129 Transparent Arena, 440 x 440 mm
760130 Transparent Arena, 210 x 210 mm
760131 Support for Large Frame
760132 Support for Small Frame
760133 Hole Poke Base for Large Frame
760134 Data Logger and PC Interface

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• Minimum maintenance required
• Minimum lighting conditions required
• Interchangeable frames can be used without distinction for either REAR, ACT or POKING modes
• Can be used without any computer (independent control units)
• Dedicated PC optional, not required

Parameters Measured
• Fast/Slow activity; i.e. movements with displacement (control unit)
• Fast/Slow stereotypies; i.e. movements without displacement (control unit)
• Fast/Slow rearings (control unit)
• Fast/Slow nose-spoke (control unit)
• Analysis of animal tracking: distance covered, speed, rearings, permanence time in selected zones, etc. (ActiTrack)
• Intervals of inactivity (ActiTrack)
• Time in zone (ActiTrack)
• Distance travelled (ActiTrack)
• Rearing behavior events and duration (ActiTrack)

The Panlab/Harvard Apparatus Infrared (IR) Actimeter allows the study of spontaneous locomotor activity, rearings and optionally hole-board test parameters for exploration in rodents. A reliable system for easy and rapid drug screening and phenotype characterization in both day and night lighting conditions.

The system is basically composed by a two dimensional (X and Y axes) square frame, a frame support and a control unit. Each frame counts with 16 x 16 infrared beams for optimal subject detection.

The system is completely modular: each frame may be used for evaluation of general activity (one or more animals), locomotor, stereotypic movements, rearings or exploration (nose-spoke detection in the hole-board option). The infrared photocell system can be set with up to 15 levels of sensitivity in order to adapt the frames to the typology of the animal (rats, mice). It can also be set to ignore the beams that are obstructed by objects (e.g. the walls/corners of the home cage).

The frames can be controlled by independent units or directly through SeDaCom computer Software, which allows easy exporation of data (through RS-232 serial port) in a format compatible with Excel™. Optionally, the ActiTrack software option may be used to analyze animal trajectories (distance, speed, permanence time in selected zones) and then provide additional complementary data to those obtained using the control units.

IR Actimeter for Locomotor Activity and Exploration

Sonnier L et al. (2007) Progressive loss of dopaminergic neurons in the ventral midbrain of adult mice heterozygote for Engrailed1. J Neurosci. 27(5): 1063-1071. (mouse, France)
Camarasa J et al. (2006) Association of caffeine to MDMA does not increase antinociception by potentiates adverse effects of this recreational drug. Brain Res. 1111:72-82. (mouse, Spain)
Chipana C et al. (2006) Protection against NMDA-induced dopaminergic neurotoxicity in mice by methyllycaconitine: Involvement of nicotinic receptors. (2006) Neuropharmacol. 51:885-895. (mouse, Spain)
Kucerova J et al. (2006) Gender differences in cannabinoid and ecstasy interacting effects in mice. Homeostasis in health and diseases. 2006(1-2): 95-96. (mouse, Czech Republic)
Menendez J et al. (2006) Suppression of Parkin enhances nigrostriatal and motor neuron lesion in mice over-expressing human-mutated tau protein. Human Molecular Genetics. 15(13): 2045-2058. (mouse, Spain)
Simonin Y et al. (2006) An Inhibitor of Serine Proteases, Neuroserpin, Acts as a Neuroprotective Agent in a Mouse Model of Neurodegenerative Disease. J. Neurosci. 26(41):10614-10619. (Mouse, Switzerland)

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Model NumberLE8821LE8823LE8815LE8816LE8814LE8813LE8817LE8818LE8820LE8825
Catalog PagesG8-G9G8-G9G8-G9G8-G9G8-G9G8-G9G8-G9G8-G9G8-G9G8-G9
IR Photocells Spacing    25 mm13 mm    

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PHD Ultra Syringe Pumps Quickstart Guide - Standard/Remote/Programmable

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