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Harvard Apparatus USA
  • Harvard Apparatus
  • 84 October Hill Road
  • Building 1020
  • Cambourne Business Park
  • Cambourne
  • Cambridge, UK
  • CB23 6DW
  • Phone:(44) 1732-864-001
  • Fax:(44) 1732-863-356
  • E-mail: sales@harvardapparatus.co.uk

Harvard Apparatus Limited is a manufacturer of specialised physiological research equipment located in the United Kingdom. The company history can be traced back to the 1890’s when C.F. Palmer -- a bicycle manufacturer in South East London -- was asked to produce a recording device which became known as the kymograph. The company then grew and evolved as a life science manufacturer and was acquired by Harvard Apparatus in 1987. Harvard Apparatus became a publically traded entity in 2001 under the name Harvard Bioscience, Inc. In 2014, Harvard Apparatus Limited was consolidated with Biochrom Limited, another Harvard Bioscience entity, and is currently located in Cambourne, UK.


The Complete Harvard Bioscience Family of Companies          

Biochrom Ltd.

Advanced spectrophotometers, microplate readers and amino acid analyzers for a wide range or applications in the pre-clinical, life science and industrial markets.

Biodrop Ltd.

Specialized, maintenance-free products for micro-volume measurement of DNA, RNA, proteins and oligos with unmatched precision, accuracy and speed.

BTX Molecular Delivery Systems

World renowned systems and accessories for virtually every electroporation and electrofusion application, including high throughput and hybridoma production.

CMA Microdialysis

Pioneer and leading provider of probes and instruments for microdialysis research, providing unique tools for in vivo monitoring of organ and tissue chemistry.

Coulbourn Instruments

Quality behavioral and physiological research instrumentation and software for in vivo studies in toxicology, pharmacology, and neuroscience.

Data Sciences International

Pioneering biomedical research company and recognized global leader in physiologic monitoring offering telemetry, instrumentation, and software and services focused on systems physiology and pharmacology.

Harvard Apparatus U.S.

Major US manufacturer and provider of specialized life science research equipment and tools, recognized world-wide for advanced syringe and peristatic pumps.

Harvard Apparatus Canada

Serving the Canadian market with life science research and optics products.

Harvard Apparatus, S.A.R.L.

Serving the French and Swiss markets with life science and physiological research products.

HEKA Elektronik

Sophisticated instrumentation and software for biomedical and industrial research applications in the fields of electrophysiology and electrochemistry

Hoefer, Inc.

Systems and complimentary accessories for gel electrophoresis and blotting applications delivering top performance and ease of use.

Hugo Sachs Elektronik - Harvard Apparatus GmbH

Advanced tools for animal physiological research including state-of-the-art isolated organ and tissue perfusion systems as well as signal amplification and collection devices and software for physiological measurements.

Multi Channel Systems

Precise scientific measuring instrumentation for electrophysiology applications including microelectrode arrays for in vitro and in vivo extra-cellular recordings and electrical stimulation.

Panlab, S.L.- Harvard Apparatus Spain

Well-established leader in the field of neuroscience research, providing a wide range of solutions for studying behavior and physiology in small laboratory animals.

Warner Instruments

Specialized biomedical instrumentation for electrophysiological, cellular and neurological sciences.


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