Target materials in biological samples are commonly present in trace amounts among larger quantities of numerous impurities or components such as:

  • Salts
  • Buffers
  • Detergents
  • Polyacrylamide Gels
  • Excess Dyes
  • Radiolabels
  • Small undesired molecules such as primers, peptides, inhibitors and drugs

These impurities or components may have to be completely removed before analysis. Additionally, some target materials must  be enriched before they can be quantified or characterized, for example, by mass spectrometry (MS). Without sample preparation, some analytical methods may not allow direct identification of specific molecules due to high background signals from contaminating molecules in the sample.

No single method of sample preparation is applicable to all samples. Sample preparation methods are selected based on the type of target material and the sample composition. That is why Harvard Apparatus offers a broad range of sample preparation solutions. In addition to the information on our website, please download our catalogue for helpful application and technology selection guides to assist you in selecting the best sample preparation method for your sample and application.