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Ventilators - Miscellaneous

Ventilators - Miscellaneous

Document# Description  
PDMI02_1 Kim J, Johannes L, Goud B, Antony C, Lingwood C, Danerman R, Grinstein. Noninvasive Measurement of the PH of the Endoplasmic Reticulum at Rest and During Calcium Release. Proc Natl Acad Sci (1998) 95, 2997-3002. Login/Register to View PDF
VT33 mri vent54 Kuna S. Effects of Pharyngeal Muscle Activation on Airway Size and Configuration. Am J Respir Crit Care Med (2001) 164: 1236?1241. Login/Register to View PDF
VT13 Ventilator Boggs D, Baudinette R, Frappell P, Butler P. The Influence of Locomotion on air-sac pressures in little penguins. J Exp Bio (2001) 204:3581-3586. Login/Register to View PDF
VT11SM_1 Gordon T, Nadzieko C, Chen L, Schlesinger R. Effects of Concentrated Ambient Particles in Rats and Hamsters: An Exploratory Study. Health Effects Instiute (2000) 93:1-51. Login/Register to View PDF
VT15 Piston Respirator Fath M, Wu X, Hileman R, Linhardt R, Kashem M, Nelson R, Wright C, Abraham W. Interaction of Secretory Leukocyte Protease Inhibitor with Heparin Inhibits Proteases Involved in Asthma. J Bio Chem (1998) 273(22): 13563-69. Login/Register to View PDF
VT21 Ventilator Efimova O, Volokhov A, Iliafar S, Hales C. Ligation of the Bronchial Artery in Sheep Attenuates Early Pulmonary Changes Following Exposure to Smoke.J Appl Physiol (2000) 88: 888-893. Login/Register to View PDF
VT24 Pump Ventilator Dubin A, Murias G, Estenssoro E, Canales H, Badie J, Pozo M, Soltile J, Baran M, Palizas F, Laporte M. Intramucosal-arterial Pco2gap Fails to Reflect Intestinal Dysoxia in Hypoxic Hypoxia. Crit Care (2002) 6(6):514-520. Login/Register to View PDF
HS14 vent and amp Nepomuk von Bethmann A, Brasch F, Nusing R, Vogt K, Volk H, Muller K, Wendel A, Uhlig S. Hyperventilation Induces Release of Cytokines from Perfused Mouse Lung. Am J Respir Crit Care Med (1998) 157:263-272. Login/Register to View PDF
HS20 Mini Ventilator Ruschitzka F, Wenger R, Stallmach T, Quaschming T, Wit C, Wagner K, Labugger R, Kelm M, Noll G, Rulicke T, Shaw S, Lindberg R, Rodenwaldt B, Lutz H, Bauer C, Luscher T, Gassmann M. Nitric Oxide Prevents Cardiovascular Disease and Determines Survival in Login/Register to View PDF
VT07 Model 683 Dorpe V, Smeyers L, Dewatcher I, Nuyens D, Spittales K, Van den Haute C, Mercken M, Moecharo D, Laenen I, Kuiperi C, Bruynseels K, Tesseur I, Loos R, Vanderstichele H, Checler F, Sciot R, Van Leuvan F. Prominent Cerebral Amyloid Angropathy in Transgenic Login/Register to View PDF
VT09 immun2003 Hadeiba H, Locksley R. Lung CD25 CD4 Regulatory T Cells Suppress Type 2 Immune Responses But Not Bronchial Hyperreactivity. Journal of Immunology (2003) 170: 5502?5510. Login/Register to View PDF
VT12 mini 2002hs Janssen B, Debets J, Leenders P, Smits J. Chronic measurement of cardiac output in conscious mice. Am J Physiol Regulatory Integrative Comp Physiol (2002) 282: R928?R935. Login/Register to View PDF
VT14 Rodent Ventilator Wang Y, Guo Y, Zhang S, Wu W, Wang J, Bao W, Bolli R. Ischemic Preconditioning Upregulates Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase in Cardiac Myocytes.J Mol Cell Cardiol (2002) 34:5-15. Login/Register to View PDF
VT35 mri35 Takuma S, Suehiro K, Cardinale C, Hozumi T, Yano H. Shimizu J, Mullis-Sansson S, Sciacca R, Wang J, Burkhoff D, Tullio M, Homma S. Anesthetic inhibition in ischemic and nonischemic murine heart: comparison with conscious echocardiographic approach. Am J Login/Register to View PDF
VT05 Ventilator Tofukuji M, Metais C, Collard C, Morse D, Stahl G, Nelson D, Le J, Simons M, Sellke F. Effect of Sialyl Lewisx Oligosaccharide on Myocardial and Cerebral Inquiry in the Pig. Society of Thoracic Surgeons (1999) 112-119. Login/Register to View PDF
VT04 683 Tattersall G, Blank J, Wood S. Ventilatory and Metabolic Responses to Hypoxia in the Smallest Simian Primate, the Pygmy Marmoset. J Appl Physiol (2001) 92:202-210. Login/Register to View PDF
VT0168_1 Jayawant M, Stephenson E, Damiano R. 2,3-Butanedione Monoxime Cardioplegia: Advantages Over Hyperkalemia in Blood-Perfused Isolated Hearts. Soc Thoracic Surgeons (1999) 67:618-623. Login/Register to View PDF
VT06 683 load Leite-Moreira A, Correia-Pinto J. Load as an Acute Determinant of End-Diastolic Pressure-Volume Relation. American J Physio (2002) 280, 51-59. Login/Register to View PDF
VT08 683 pos Berger D, Vlasica K, Quick C, Robinson K, Shroff S. Ejection has Both Positive and Negative Effects on Left Ventricular Isovolumic Relaxation. American Physio Society, 2696-2707. Login/Register to View PDF
VT02 683 luko ventilator Ritter L, Copeland J, McDonagh P. Fucoidin Reduces Coronary Microvascular Leukocyte Accumulation Early in Reperfusion, The Annals of Thoracic Sugery (1998) 1-9. Login/Register to View PDF
VT03 Model 683 Ventilator Sauls B, Boegehold M. Reduced PO2 and Adenosine Formation Preserve Arteriolar Nitric Oxide Synthesis During Sympathetic Construction in the Rat Intestine, J Vasc Rsch (2000) 87: 1-9. Login/Register to View PDF
VT10 683 atr Thomas D, Hudlicka O. Arteriolar Reactivity and Capillarization in Chronically Stimulated Rat Limb Skeletal Muscle Post-MI. Physiology Society (1999) 2259-65. Login/Register to View PDF
VT36 mrivent89 Seo Y, Takamata A, Ogino T, Morita H, Nakamura S, Murakami M. Water permeability of capillaries in the subfornical organ of rats determined by Gd-DTPA2_ enhanced 1H magnetic resonance imaging. Journal of Physiology (2002) 545.1:217?228. Login/Register to View PDF
VT37 vrnt Blais C, Lapointe N, Rouleau J, Clément R, Bachvarov D, Adam A. Effects of captopril and omapatrilat on early post-myocardial infarction survival and cardiac hemodynamics in rats: interaction with cardiac cytokine expression. Can. J. Physiol. Phar Login/Register to View PDF

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