Quality and Precision You Can Count On for Your Neuroscience Research

Neuroscience research depends on having the utmost quality and precision, both in your work and in your equipment.

Harvard Apparatus offers a line of very precise stereotaxic instruments, as well as all the associated equipment and accessories for your stereotaxic surgery such as anesthesia setups, syringe pumps, micro drills, homeothermic monitoring system and a wide array of high quality surgical tools.

Photograph to the right illustrates a complete stereotaxic setup including:

  • Homeothermic Monitoring System (55-7020)
  • Compact, Single Arm, Mouse and Rat Digital Stereotaxic
    Frame (75-1828)
  • Micro Drill (75-0900)
  • Pump 11 Elite Nanomite Programmable Syringe Pump (70-4507)
  • HamiltonTM Glass syringe (72-1776)

(Right click image and open in new tab to see enlarged.)

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  Complete Stereotaxic Setup